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  1. hi if you still need an engine, ive a complete 2.8 outta a 4x4 estate £50. im in dagenham essex pm me for more.
  2. my 24v part 2
  3. cossy ones are a tad more powerful. but yes your right a granny one will fit from a 2.0 to a 2.9 same for the 2.0 sierra and 2.9 as the pressure is governed at the metering unit.
  4. you must ave some big arsed spiders then lol.
  5. have you got an asbestos roof or a wood roof ? does the garage seem damp or cold ?
  6. no everything works fine just these two buttons dont light up when the lights are on just wondered if all the 09's are the same, or if two bulbs have blown.
  7. noticed the other day two of the buttons wasnt lighting up, they are CD and AUX is this norm thing or are they all like it ?
  8. id try another starter first mr
  9. just ave to learn to wash it now deb lol