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  1. I'm Guessing This Is My Average Speed?

    Hi Phlif1 Yep done that a few times, I switch between the other various information figures and have reset them all at some point, helps pass the journey :) I would say my average should be at least the mid/upper 40s, and that's keeping it low. By the way I am getting around 48mpg, so quite pleased with that figure. Only had the car about a month and have travelled nearly 2000 miles already - enjoying the car.
  2. I'm Guessing This Is My Average Speed?

    I am not sure the average speed is that reliable? I have reset the average speed a number of times and it never moves from around 39mph... this would be fine if I was always in the town, but I travel around 60 miles every day on a motor way and would expect to see an average above 39! I am not slow a driver, honest!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums BigEars :)

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