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  1. Ford approved dealer not interested, said the warranty doesn't cover software. Only purchased it 27th of last month and I remember the Bluetooth playing up when the dealer was trying to demo it. Surely can't be right? can it?
  2. Yeah that was the "issue"!! Feeling red faced here but glad to get the answer before she had to drive it again. And after all that the bluetooth/usb module is still non responsive so it's going back to the dealer anyway
  3. I will try resetting the battery again in the morning but being a bit more patient this time. Found that fuse 22 cigar lighter had blown, tried to replace it with the same 20 amp but that blew also. It's going back the dealer! Thanks for your help
  4. I guess that's where I went wrong! I turned the ignition on to drain it quickly and am now starting to think I've blown a fuse
  5. Hope someone can get me out the dog house here! My girlfriends 2009 Zetec's bluetooth and USB froze up and stopped connecting within two weeks of her buying it. Today I finally got round to doing a bit of searching online and found that most people suggested resetting the module by simply disconnecting battery. I did this by removing the negative terminal, turning the ignition on and off and then reconnecting the terminal. When I turned the ignition back on I've found that none of the buttons work (Radio, Phone, aux etc) nothing except for the 'Menu' button, which lets me go in and change the clock as you'd expect. The voice control button also doesn't do anything. My first thought was it was something simlar to the older fiestas where you had to enter a code after a battery reset but doing a search I haven't been able to find anyone having the same issue. Any help/things to try would be great and much appreciated - she's not best pleased she has to drive to work tomorrow with no music!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Tpick :)

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