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  1. Poorly Streetka

    That sounds like a much cheaper option - I will do that! Thank you for your advice. With regards to the engine problem, I am collecting the car today. Ford have not done anything with it so if it happens again then I will try another garage. Thanks again!
  2. Poorly Streetka

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone can help on a couple of topics. 1 - When I put the key in the ignition and turn it, nothing happens. When I turn it back towards me - all the disply needles shake. This happens very randomly... every 2 or 3 days. After a few tries of turning the key back and forth - hey presto!! The var is currently in thr Ford garage who say there is nothing wring with it. 2 - A second point is the heating fans. They are really loud... is this normal?? Again - the garage seems to think so. 3 - Finally... the rear light is forever misted up and they have quoted me £116 to replace? Can I do this myself? (Well - get fiance / brother / dad to do it?) :-)
  3. Streetka Roof Cleaning

    ok - Will give it a go. Thanks :-)
  4. Streetka Roof Cleaning

    Do you recommend one?
  5. Streetka Roof Cleaning

    Hi everyone I have just bought an 04 plate Streetka in black and so far - I LOVE IT :-) The only problem I have is that the roof is not in tip top condition and I dont know what is best to use to get it looking black again. There are patches of area that look faded and worn. Should I use a cleaning product or a 'back to black' product like Renova? If it is just a clean - does anyone have experience with the Autoglym double pack from Halfords (approx £20). Thanks.