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  1. Hi Wilco, Yes I'm driving an Asian Ford Focus. Ok noted. Will be more cautious in using the software next time. Thanks for the advise :)
  2. Hi James, Yup maybe it's does't support on the current firmware.. Yes it work perfectly when i change the steering / auto-transmission mode. Hi Wilco, I do read some article regarding my focus generation. Here some link that can be describe the specification of my focus generation The car do have EHPS system.. I will try your suggestion tomorrow morning and will feedback to you again.
  3. Hi James, Owh, sorry not to mention that i had backup after when i had change my car battery. So its already reset everything and I just got its default configuration. I'm not very sure is my car before this already got steering mode on the dashboard or not.. Yes my car is a petrol engine. Its quiet messy everytime I want to change the steering mode / auto transmission mode I need to connect manually with my usb OBD to my laptop and configure it by using elmconfig... The steering and autotransmission really work/response when changing the mode manually..
  4. Hi James, Yes, I did backup before change the setting..
  5. Hi guys, Please help . I got some problem to enable the steering mode with elmconfig for my Ford Focus 1.8 Ghia (Duratec He) year 2006. I did follow the instruction to uncheck the check box Shift Up Indicator Level 1 then Write to HEC at Page 1 of HEC module. After that I check the check box for HEC Level 2/3, Trip Computer, Main Menu, and Submenu level 4 at Page 2 of HEC module. When I try to write to HEC it throw an error instead. Where do i miss... :(
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Mal85 :)

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