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  1. Overcooling and poor mpg

    Could be a ton of things, but if it started with the cam belt change would suggest the timing is out. If its overfilling badly then the temperature won't be as high as the extra fuel acts as a coolant, that could be timing, MAF, or temp sender or something similar Need to ge the OBD port read to see if there is any clues in the codes stored
  2. Guide to fitting Mk3 Focus DRLs

    You can easily remove the triangular bits with a spodger from the front. No need to remove under tray or lights
  3. Focus 2012 constant chime issues

    AA man probably doesn't know that the focus doesn't immediately shut down when you turn off the engine, but slowly kicks off different systems in stages over the next 20-40 mins. I would expect it to be taking a fairly high draw immediately after shutting down The other issue is the moment you get near it it will sense the fobs proximity and start turning systems back on in readiness to start up. You will need to shut it down with the bonnet up and after an hour or so go measure the drain with the keys nowhere near it to get a true reading
  4. Its the DDS that says which tyre not the TPMS
  5. Mk3 remapped! 1.6 TDCI (115ps)

    Details are all here Spider won't damage your car as it never takes any parameter outside the Ford specified ones which can't be said for a single map. They are an order of magnitude different from a resistor in a box tuning chip
  6. Cant remember, but I tested it when I first enabled DDS and It definitely said the wheel involved. remember DDS is not TPMS, they are 2 different systems DDS works via ABS sensors and does not use the TPMS transmitters in the tyres. TPMS needs the wheels sensors registering to the car. I don't use the Ford TPMS but have a separate system I fitted that identifies each tyre, its pressure and temperature. When registering the sensors you have to say which corner each is
  7. Maybe a difference between Zetec and Titaniums, I enabled Deflation Detection using Focccus, I thought only the Titanum Plus's had it by default
  8. The ABS tyre deflation detect does, but uses ABS sensors so knows what wheel, regardless of TMPS sensors
  9. Mk3 remapped! 1.6 TDCI (115ps)

    You may not change anything, but the air filter will get dirty, the DPF block etc and the engine wears over time. A fixed map will not be optimal over time Call it Race mode or Fast Road 5, just a tune thats all performance and no economy. All the other settings produce better MPG than standard and are dynamic, i.e. they vary based on your driving style
  10. The only thing it may confuse is actually which corner you have low pressure on. Will still warn you of problems and I'm sure you can then look to see which tyre has the issue
  11. Mk3 remapped! 1.6 TDCI (115ps)

    Thats a fixed map, generic one size fits all engines map on a chip. The spider chip actually retunes on the fly and builds a curve to fit your car, with your air filter/exhaust combo and can relearn if you change anything. Plus the spider has multiple profiles that you can change on the fly (Off, Eco, 4 road settings and race). Spider also guarantees not to take any parameter outside the Ford specified figures so is safe
  12. Whiteline does fronts as well, just not an easy fit, you need to remove other stuff to fit them.. The rear on its own is great, cuts down understeer (not that the focus is bad for that, unlike Vauxhall's) but doesn't get into oversteer and doesn't hurt the ride
  13. Focus start stop problem

    Just meant it was switched of by the last owner using Focccus or they asked Ford to do it, by pulling the fuse you effectively reset it. personallu i'd leave it off and save a ton of wear on your battery and starter motor
  14. Engine Malfunction

    Noisy turbo spinning down from lack of oil, spect you've lost boost pressure
  15. ecoboost died again

    Well done Ford, and avoids you ever having to say the V word again