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  1. Also try lowering, my Landrover tramlines a ton on the inside lane of the motorway if the tyres are road hard, but doesnt budge when they are lower for off roading
  2. some tyres are definitely more prone than others
  3. Demand the £40 back or you'll report them to trading standards. The misalignment was totally caused by them playing with the tracking to start with
  4. water in relays or bcu
  5. The only difference for the higher breathing ST is that it comes with the snorkel delete from the factory. The standard air box actually is pretty good and can flow more than enough air for mods up to around 300 ponies as long as the snorkel is gone Lots of dyno testing been done on it in the US K&N etc makes no difference to flow or power, but makes a slightly deeper roar. Snorkel delete makes more difference to sound, is not easily detectable and reversable
  6. Some folks think taking the airbox lid off gets more air. It doesnt, just more heat
  7. Snorkel delete on its own has been dyno'd at 3HP, taking the lid off the box will loose you power You cant delete the EGR on the SOHC 1.6 115 TDCi as it has sensors both sides of the edr and will throw a ton of codes if you do (it would have to be removed from the ECU as well to stop it checking On mine I added a K&N, snorkel delete and a Spider arachnid chip, taking me to 153 HP and 330 Torque (A very noticeable gain), with better fuel economy I also upgraded the rear anti roll bar to the whitelines adjustable (thicker of the 2) which transformed the handling from great to amazing
  8. 50% all depends on the washer fluid you use. A lot of Halford specials are only -5 at 100%. Read the label on the mix, you may be suprised. In the UK I always mix mine for-15 and never had an issue even with unheated jets
  9. Ah. it will be the water froze in the nozzle and when you squirted the pressure built up and popped the hose, tells me your mix isn't strong enough
  10. Very obvious a washer hose has come off the bottom of the pump under the washer bottle
  11. Dont delete the dpf, mot about to be changed to test for that
  12. Load up Focccus software and download car config to see what the car thinks it has. then check its actually there
  13. Is you have active stop then there is a radar unit in the front behind one of the triangular panels. its saying that isn't working. Check the connections for water and clean contacts
  14. Basically saying a front parking sensor is duff. the other code has stored but is not current Wipe the codes and see if they come back
  15. Was it raining? the lights can be set to automatically come on with the wipers as well Be careful in Fog with Auto lights, its often bright enough for them to turn off, as the sensor can't tell its foggy