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  1. Make sure you turn the auto wipers off first or you will get your hands wiped when you test (Ask me how I know!!!), mines a 2013
  2. Just use canbus safe leds, you'll have no problems as they have resisters internally
  3. Suspect the level sensor was disturbed by the work and need recalibrating
  4. Love mine, but pretty certain it uses the light sensor on the dashboard, not the windscreen sensor. Covering the windscreen centre only switches the wipers on, not the lights, and I think the sensor is there on all cars as its used by the air con Agreed, that daylight fog confuses the auto lights, but you do get a big green light on the dash and a picture of your car with lights on to remind you (Plus i have added front and rear DLR, on mine so its always lit)
  5. debadged mine the day I bought it! can't stand anything chrome
  6. Check the map SD card is pressed fully in!
  7. Regulation 54 of the Construction and Use Regs 1986. That a car can not exceed the noise output of the vehicle from standard when it left the factory.
  8. Yes, that is true Will it cause you a problem? no, unless its stupidly loud and you drive like a *****
  9. I would imagine that nothing you can do will cover the fact its a small engine thrashed to within an inch of its life by a large turbo, rather than a larger engine. Larger bore may actually make it sound strange. I've always used powerflow in the past, if you describe the sound you want they can probably get close
  10. No, it will only void the warranty on the exhaust Ford would have to prove your new exhaust caused damage to other components to not have to honour the warranty on them oh and its illegal for replacement exhausts to make more noise than the original, so legally shouldn't make a difference
  11. Common on the powershift. Need to take it for an aggressive drive occasionally. Also stiffening the rear engine mount helps
  12. £250 and 5 mins to fit, about 50 miles for the chip to learn the fuelling for my car I've been running at level 5 of the 6 levels (one down from Race) for 25K miles without a single issue. Race is too aggressive for normal road use I can get 70mpg motorway cruising and 700 to a tank on setting 1 (Ecco) On fast road 4 (where I leave it normally) which is amazing, I get around 48mpg having fun around town and just under 60 mpg on motorway cruises
  13. Wouln't know, never use 5th, always go 4-6 direct, so effectively the same as the 5 speed 1st is useless as the ECU is mapped to not allow full power while your in first, so you learn to go to 2nd the moment the car is moving, and with the chip the gear ratios are too close. Would have been better if it was just a 4 speed, or had a larger spread
  14. Running the same HP and almost the same torque (340 from my Spider arachnid on the same engine. Been on there for 30K miles now and no issues at all from the clutch I like that yours opens up 1st gear (still an issue on mine, but used to it), but yes, I can spin up to 3rd and motorway overtaking is a breeze. Like that I can remove mine in 5 mins and I can change the levels on the fly
  15. and how many owners or garages do you think actually change the bike fluid at the correct interval? Bleeding some out doesn't hurt, avoids the chance of the reservoir overflowing (and you having to get up from the wheel to check or remove some) and ensures that the brake fluid actually does get changed. Agreed on many cars it doesn't matter but on my old track mondeo the fluid was always darker than fresh fluid and I'd let it drain till clear (Brakes would get very hot on that car) Only reason I wouldn't do it is if I was in a rush and didn't want to bleed the brakes, but doing it that way has worked well for over 35 years for me, also do the same for disk brakes on bikes and I service them as a business (although a lot now don't have bleed nipples!!)