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  1. Ford Focus Remap

    Crap remap, probably wrong map for that car. Tell em to sort it before the engine is damaged. The garages problem
  2. Guide to do Snorkel Delete

    How many more times, on the MK3 which this is about the Snorkel is OUTSIDE the engine bay. It has NO effect on heat soak at all. The ST has NO snorkel at all, ie the St has it already removed! Just reach under the black slam panel that covers the  gap between the radiator and the outside, at the top right you will see a tube with a load of holes drilled in it, grab it and remove it. that's it. Don't touch the stuff in the engine bay, that's not restrictive at all You will get a slightly deeper induction noise. I doubt it makes any difference to performance, unless combined with a remap  
  3. Guide to do Snorkel Delete

    Not on the Mk3 it isn't, its outside the engine bay and its sole job in to reduce intake noise slightly. It also restricts airflow Removing it has NO effect in incoming air temperature or heat soak what so ever Removing the baffle has been shown on a dyno to add 5HP alone on the US 2.0l petrol engine  
  4. Guide to do Snorkel Delete

    Pop the 4 plastic plugs out of the slam panel cover, pull up the side by the airbox. See the tube with all the holes, reach in and yank it out. Put the 4 plugs back in   Very simple and takes 5 mins
  5. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Others have reported water from the tyre well running forward under the seats to the passenger footwells under braking etc
  6. Headlight Bulb Recommendation

    Not in my experience, not a lot of difference in the whiteness of all the good halogens. They are all definitely not as white as HIDS or LEDS. The only way to get halogens whiter is to put blue over the lens to shift the spectrum, but you are also stopping light output
  7. Overheating

    Zetecs don't tend to loose much fluid with head gasket and are very prone to blowing them (5 times on my last Zetec engine), does sound like a head gasket. Warning when it does finally fully go it will be pretty spectacular, lots of steam etc and totally dead engine. If you get it before that you can have head skimmed and new gasket (always skim head of it will go again straight away) Most garages can test for a head gasket leak very quickly and easily, The have devices that check for oil and exhaust gas in expansion tank and water in oil Symptoms are definitely of overheating I would check thermostat, both temperature senders (gauge and ECU sender are not the same on the Zetec). Also the design is that the sender can be sitting in cool water even though the engine is too hot. Check fan also runs when aircon is off when engine at full temp and car stationary Does the tell tale water jet in the expansion tank flow when the engine runs (if not, could be water pump). Whn the car is cold, start it and feel the hose between the thermostat and radiator. Should stay cold for around 5 mins then suddenly get hot as the thermostat opens. Squeeze it and see if you can feel air in the system
  8. Would You Buy These?

    If you don't have headlamp washers and automatic levelling motors and associated system then these are illegal on your car and should fail an MOT
  9. Focus Titanium Mk3 Deflat Detect

    That's the Antilock based Deflation Detection system, so you have no wheel sensors. so if its going off then it thinks a wheel sensor is speeding up while you are running. The reset just sets the base speed to the current to allow for you fitting an odd sized tyre etc
  10. Focus Titanium Mk3 Deflat Detect

    Deflation detection and TPMS are two different things. The TPMS requires the wheel sender units (that look like normal valves from the outsides) and the receiver in the car and the ford system would be almost impossible to retrofit Deflation detection is a software solution that uses the ABS sensors only. Using Focccus and an ELM OBD dongle ALL Mk3 focus's can have deflation detection switched on even if they didn't have it at the factory S
  11. Focus Titanium Mk3 Deflat Detect

    Deflation detection, works by sensing a change in rotation speed of a wheel compared to the others over a timescale not related to a wheelspin. It uses the ABS wheel speed sensors and if it sees a slow and gradual increase compared to the other wheels it knows that tyre is loosing pressure and has a smaller effective radius so 1) It can only work while you are moving 2) It needs the ABS sensors to work properly 3) All 4 tyres must be approximately the same radius and pressure So if you have checked the tyres and all are OK and similar pressure, size, treadwear etc and there are no ABS faults, then you have a problem S
  12. 2011 Ford Focus Mk3 1.6 Tdci Re-Map

    What setting have you got it set on now? take it you are off of ECO Your findings are very different from how mine behaves
  13. 2011 Ford Focus Mk3 1.6 Tdci Re-Map

    you start it off in ECO mode, so wouldn't expect massive gains to start. Also as he is in holiday drive mode it will favour economy. Wait till he ups the mode and pushes it, try fast road 2 next 8)
  14. Air Filter K&n

    I doubt anyone will ever lift up the Slam panel to check, you cant see that area unless you dissamble stuff. You can always put the snorkel back if you want. If you just leave it metal then it looks like Ford forgot to add it to start. if you out the ST bit on them its obvious you played
  15. Air Filter K&n

    Yes, you will hear the difference if you remove the snorkel (sounds better if you ask me)