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  1. They put a UV dye in when they regass it, then a week later they can see where its leaking with a UV torch
  2. I was about to say active stop after I read your description, so it seems you are following that path, check the radar sensor in the front grill is mounted correctly still Other things that cause a noise like that is a stone or grit in the brakes (off roading in my land rover its a common issue), but it doesn't seem that you are applying brakes at the time it happens (manually) so assume the car is panic breaking for you badly (try bleeding brakes)
  3. I've been running LED sidelights in mine since new (4 years), just get canbus safe ones, no flickering or issues at all, still on originals Same for Indicators, fog, puddle and reverse, All can bus safe LEDs with no issues Also LEDs in fogs H11 and full beam H1, you can use focccus to turn off can bus checks or use can bus safe leds Don't try and run H7 Leds in dips, you'll never get a good pattern unless projectors, even without the legal issues. also the standard bulb holders on the focus will not accept anything with any bulk outside the mounting flange (i.e. a heat sink or fan unit) Don't try and run ballasts either, waste of time, always just run canbus safe leds with the resisters built in, end of problem
  4. MTX75 may be listed at that torque but have used an MTX75 in other cars at up to 340BHP and far higher torque with no issues. Not worried at all.
  5. I've had a Spider Arachnid on mine for the last 30K miles, Love it. 60mpg on ECo setting, 153bhp/330torque on race setting. Transformed the car and removable in a minute
  6. Spider Arachnid. you fit it yourself. its a dynamic remap, maps itself and learns, rather than a fixed map
  7. focus mk3 tdci non start

    Cars with stop start are going to start eating starter motors as they get older Check connections on starter. if you can hear a click on start then the voltage is getting to the starter solenoid which may be sticking. check its getting 12 v when someone pushes the button with the clutch down. if that's ok, try thumping starter with a hammer,
  8. DONT pull the battery on the Mk3 or above, expressly says NOT to in the user manual as it resets all the voltage and battery condition history and monitoring and causes a few issues. Should only ever be done when replacing a battery and there is a proceedure that needs to be done to reset the monitors then Pulling a fuse will work just as well
  9. The aftermarket Noldens are standalone normally, they are not connected to the Can bus and take the dim/bright feed by piggybacking into the light circuit. Ford say piggy back them into the side lights so they dim with them, I wired mine into the dip beam so they don't dim on sidelights. This maybe a fundamental change in the light wiring with the Mk3.5 as the Mk3 doesn't have DRL's from the factory (just dim dip if required). The Mk3.5's have DRL's as standard I believe
  10. I run LEDS in the sidelights as well as my Nolden DRL's, looks good Just use Focus to turn the sidelights back on I also added Rear DRL's and lights in the reflectors
  11. Most cig sockets are de-powered by the car anyway when the engine is off (after a time or when certain battery conditions are met)
  12. Make sure you turn the auto wipers off first or you will get your hands wiped when you test (Ask me how I know!!!), mines a 2013
  13. Just use canbus safe leds, you'll have no problems as they have resisters internally
  14. Suspect the level sensor was disturbed by the work and need recalibrating
  15. Love mine, but pretty certain it uses the light sensor on the dashboard, not the windscreen sensor. Covering the windscreen centre only switches the wipers on, not the lights, and I think the sensor is there on all cars as its used by the air con Agreed, that daylight fog confuses the auto lights, but you do get a big green light on the dash and a picture of your car with lights on to remind you (Plus i have added front and rear DLR, on mine so its always lit)