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  1. Lock and unlock the car with the plipper a few times. It needs to see the stringer signal to cancel the message
  2. And that article claiming that LEDs/bulb are not on the Can bus and that LEDs have near infinite resistance needs to go back to school and learn some basic electronics. LED's have very little resistance, hence they don't get so warm and the bulb failure sensor thinks there is no bulb. You have to add resistance to the circuit to fool the car into thinking a normal bulb is there. Can bus safe LED's have the resisters inbuilt to increase the resistance
  3. Rear engine mount too soft allowing engine and gearbox to move too much. Fit a stiffer one or an insert and problem should resolve
  4. Similar here, water in a connector inside door. Apparently seen before by my dealer
  5. £50 and 1 hour if you fit a non ford one. I run the wire across the roof above the lining and have the screen attached to my rear view camera. I have 2 cameras on mine, a reversing one in the original location by the number plate that activates on reverse and a rear view one that is on all the time Much cheaper than ford and the screen is where you are looking when you reverse, ie by the mirror
  6. Obviously a short somewhere, did you bend/break or pinch a wire? or manage to put the plug back on wrongly? I'd go check/ If that looks ok, put the original bulbs back in. I that sorts it its the new bulbs (unlikely)
  7. Archoil AR6400-D is about the best of the pour in cleaners
  8. New wheels don't have TPMS sender units installed so your car thinks it has 4 punctures
  9. Read the manual. You lock the non drivers doors individually by using the key in a small slot while are open
  10. Had a set in the Landy for over 7 years (can bus), no issue, always passed MOT and survived many a dunk in a lake. Current set have been in the focus Mk3 for 2 years with no issues. My experience is that reasonable quality, metal bodies LEDs are very reliable
  11. I'd be careful, judging by his door your neighbour is Edward scissorhands
  12. It's the rear engine mount. They are very soft and do allow a lot of engine rotation. You can get a stiffer one or a poly bush insert that just slots in. Easy to change and transforms the pull away
  13. On my mk3 1.6tdci, the K&N re[placement filter (not open) gave +3 HP I then added a Spider Archnid tuning chip that took me to 153 HP and 330 Torque (from 115/240) Surprised how little the Bluefin added above, but then the ecoboosts are already turbo'd pretty hard by ford
  14. I believe its the cam belt under there
  15. It sounds like its once per cam revolution rather than per valve/piston. Hence a belt, maybe a tensioner has gone