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  1. Hi, just wondering if anybody has upgraded thier mk3 mondeo front door speakers with tweeters/crossovers and if so have you pictures of them and info on how to do it, i desperately want tweeters/crossovers in the front but cant find any info on where i should put them ... Thankyou from brian
  2. Hi, im a newbie and was wondering if anybody has a mark 3 mondeo 2001 with upgraded door speakers/ and tweeters crossovers in the front doors, im trying to figure out where to put them in the front, any pictures/help/advice i would be very greatful, many thanks from brian
  3. Hi can anybody tell me what the strange noise i have coming from what sounds like the wheel/wheels? ie when i startd driving im getting a strange noise from the wheels, well i think it is as could it be wheel bearings? also when you slow down its more noticeable and just sounds like a whining noise< if anybody can tell me what it could be and also a possible price to fix? if helps im getting no juddering over 70mph and the steering seems all ok.. Hope somebody can help Regards brian
  4. Hi ive just bought a mondeo 2.0 zetek 2001 petrol, and can anybody tell me the cambelt interval change please as its only done 75k, thankyou from brian
  5. Hi Im a newbie to this site and have just joined, and im now a proud owner of my new mondeo 2.0 z-tek Hatchback 2001 in silver, lovely car and i love it, anyway my questions are 1, does it have tweeters already in the car ? 2, What is the cambelt interval change if applicable to this car ? 3,how to operate the air con properly as the light does not come on when you press the air con switch !! 4, when driving below 40mph im getting a whining noise and im hoping its just wheel bearing or simular, if it is wheel bearing or simular any idea how much to change/cost etc ? Thats about it, and your probrably wondering why i need to no all this but i did buy it below asking price and its only done 75k and i dont mind getting the above sorted.. Hope to get some help/info on the above and many thanks to you all. Regards from Brian in Dorset.