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  1. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    Gerhas take arts advice though don't think they are ripping you off more like they haven't got a clue what they are doing. Also might sound silly but have you checked the exhaust pipe bracket? It holds the back part before the silencer
  2. Never To Be Seen Again

    Mate if you only new the half of it. A pal of mine in his late 40's just got his range rover insured for... Roll drums £5,500
  3. Halfords that's a good one only there isn't a Halfords for at least 30 miles from West London
  4. Never To Be Seen Again

    Nath I don't know where you live but that quote is cheaper than most bog standard cars. A friend of mine tried to get insurance for focus Zetec 1.4 and the cheapest was £3,000 I was lucky in that I found asda otherwise I would have been paying grand plus focus. Got to remember that in London everything is a total scam. It will cost you £400 + just to insure a ped
  5. Never To Be Seen Again

    Well there are only two types of people who I think can afford it and that is millionaire playboys and drug dealers/gangsters
  6. Don't Take A Diesel Into London

    Has to be a wind up cos the ratio of black cabs to diesel cars has to be 3-1 and as all cabs are diesel...
  7. Never To Be Seen Again

    The guy can't of been much older than 22 so I did a quick quote for that car £7,500 and I'm 52. His must be in the 10,000 + bracket range
  8. The other day when driving down the A4 towards the M4 this Ford Focus RS Turbo was in front of me, as it was rush hour traffic was behind it all the way to the beginning of the M4 then as soon as we came of the flyover woosh and the car was gone. I tried to keep up with it but I can only get a ton so he must of been doing,??? It's a great looking car. Hope putting picture up is not wrong have edited the number plate.
  9. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    Having read all the threads there must be something unique with my mk1 Focus Zetec year 2000 X reg, 38,000 miles, no rust anywhere, immaculate in and out, air con working as does heated screen, enginge clean as a wistle, elec windows all spot on. Has only one problem and that is low idle speed which causes it to stall more often than not, unless car has a full tank petrol? Just never wash a car with Daz soap powder....
  10. Who Is Your Car Insurer

    Here you go the cheapest insurance in the lands.... When I first got my car I had a young named driver and the cheapest was with Zurich at £1,950 couple months later took him off and Zurich quoted me £1,700... Had a quick search and f**k me Asda quoted £545 remember I live in London have no NCD and work as a chef... My age doesn't seem to give me anything (52), the next cheapest was £1,015
  11. Who, What and Where... An old Focus Zetec, X reg only 38,000 miles and lives in West London. Not my first Ford my first back some 15 years ago was a fully loaded Scorpio, but sadly died soon after her 95 minute drive from London to Newport (Wales). Ta Ta for now
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums leeingrove :)

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