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  1. Focus 1.8 Cam Belt Change

    The official ford service schedules are here Ford Etis. I think it's every 8years/100000 miles.
  2. replaced fuel filter CAN'T START

    Yup, they will only fit on one way anyway, due to the length of the pipes.
  3. replaced fuel filter CAN'T START

    I'm having the same problem. The computer is claiming there is an "engine systems fault". Again a 1.8 TDCI. I didnt fill the filter when originally replaced. Since seeing this post I've filled the fuel filter prior to cranking. Still no joy. I'm fairly certain that there is air in the system. I get the impression that the fuel pump isnt trying to draw fuel from the filter. After removing the fuel pipes from the filter housing, there is no diesel evident. Also, the "engine systems fault", appears at stage 2 ignition. Any suggestions? How would i go about drawing fuel via the fuel return line? Thanks.