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  1. Thanks all. My actual quote is £380. Judging by what most of you have said, they seems a decent price? Price includes parts, labor and VAT
  2. I'm told the whole shaft
  3. Hi, I'm very apprehensive about my local Ford garage due to bad experiences in the past. I have a quote from them to replace my passenger-side drive shaft: it's split and needs replacing. To the mechanical experts, what would you expect to pay to do this work? Parts / labor / VAT (FULL PRICE) I'll disclose what I've been quoted once I get some of your opinions. I do not want my quote to affect your opinions :P Any comments appreciated. Thanks, James
  4. Funny thing is, I didn't own the car when it had it's last MOT 12 months ago. It was a motorway undercover police car back then. Strange how that MOT was previously passed.
  5. Update - Ford have repaired this. £80 diagnostic and repair. The setting needed to be changed from LHD to RHD. One cannot change these settings without plugging in at Ford I believe. With regards to the Xenon (HID) lights anyway.
  6. I have just tried the screws and the light beam does seem to move the left which is what I need. I'm taking it to Halfords tomorrow I think to get them to check it out. Really hoping I don't need new lamps. Surely there must be a way to make the adjustment.
  7. Hi guys, Urgent help / advice needed if possible. My car failed MOT today for "Nearside front headlamp aim beam image obviously incorrect [1.8.a.1b]". Apparently the passenger xenon headlight is shining towards oncoming traffic. I had the MOT carried out by a private garage and they didn't know how to adjust the lamp. They advised me to seek a Ford garage to get it adjusted. Is there a way I can adjust this headlamp myself? My current MOT expires in 2 days so I really am in the brown stuff here. I really try to avoid my local Ford garage as they truly are thieves. Any help and advice is really appreciated. James
  8. Was driving to the mothers today and spotted this vulgar thing. Look closely at the exhausts...
  9. Troy, any tips on doing the front lip? Or shall I do exactly what I've done with the grille? Never painted over bodywork before
  10. lol that is quality.
  11. An update, I painted the lower grille today... Before: After:
  12. Yeah. When I use the remote start, the car remains locked, alarmed and immobilised. Should anyone enter the car, as soon as they touch one of the pedals, the car shuts down. As I said, great system and would recommend to anyone. Bit pricey but to be fair, after having a car stolen, the security is priceless.
  13. The full package was £550 + £75 for remote engine start for the cold winter mornings. The OBD port, I believe, is where a garage may plug into to run diagnostics on your car. Unfortunately, it can also be used to disable the standard Ford alarm / gain access to your car and take off with it. On the Ford Focus, it's located just underneath the steering wheel on the right side. SecureMyCar have immobilised that port meaning when the Viper alarm is activated, that port is completed locked down and therefore cannot be used by thieves to access your car. How effective this is, I have no idea. B)
  14. Hi, I can't be of any help but I can say I had a similiar experience when I had my Fiesta. It was a 2011 Zetec S with the same module. The Bluetooth stopped working for about a month during my ownership. I meant to go to Ford, but after a month, it started working again. Never had a problem with it since that up until 2 years when I sold it. It could be a common problem on Fiestas. Perhaps someone can corroborate this?
  15. Cheers guys Yes. Firstly, washed with soapy water. I trimmed away any chipped areas of the plastic with a knife, then sanded down any areas that appeared worn. Gave it a final clear with a mr muscle all purpose cleaner. I then applied 3 coats of Halfords primer at 10 minute intervals (spray) and waited an hour. Then 3 coats of gloss black spray at 10 minute intervals and waited an hour. Finally one coat of lacquer B)