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  1. Sounds like a trip to Ford
  2. It's not replica . I've spoken to Ford this morning. They said for Bodywork repairs, they use an independent garage that are Ford approved. They're called PJ Rhodes. Anyone heard of them? They're Birmingham based.
  3. Hi guys. Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate any input. I'll be considering all. It's a MK2. Their insurer is 1st Central. The insurer has contacted me today acknowledging that they will be proceeding with the repair. Apparently, a local bodyshop will contact me in the coming days to assess the damage. I'll see what they're like first before I agree to anything. I am a bit unsure as to whether to demand that Ford do the work vs a bodywork specialist. I'm getting mixed opinions from family, friends, work colleagues and on here. That's a bit of a worry! As a side note, they offered me a Vauxhall Corsa as a hire car . Needless to say I declined that humble offer as I will not drive a Vauxhall. I'll continue to post updates. Thanks again.
  4. Hi guys, So my car (bright white) was parked and someone managed to reverse into it 😫 Long story short, they've accepted liability and thankfully they're insured so I'll be claiming on theirinsurance. However, I want a proper job done. Can anyone vouch / recommended a legitimate Bodywork company located around the Birmingham area? I'm still yet to see which company the insurance want to go through. If the reviews are average or worse then that, I won't be using them.
  5. Right thanks guys. Makes sense now. 👍
  6. Hi, I had a mk2 Focus RS stolen in 2014. Partly was down to my naivety, but from then I've had two other cars. I had a Focus mk2 ST and another Focus mk2 Rs. On both of these cars, I use the full steering wheel disklok, however this is only deterrent. A thief can get this lock of off with tools in under 3 minutes. There's videos on Youtube ti illustrate this. In addition to this, I've used SecureMyCar (Google them) on two occasions. They offer a security package involving OBD port removal / immobilisation, a Viper alarm and immobiliser aside from the useless ford factory one, glass break sensor, tilt sensor and a tracker. I can track my car on my phone via an app. I also bought remote start which is useful for the winter 😁 I cannot recommend them enough.
  7. Hi guys, I've searched the forums but cannot find a relating thread. I'm looking for a short-throw gear stick for my mk2 RS Focus. Any ideas? I've found one on Mountune but didn't want their yellow theme. I want to retain blue stitching internally. Thanks, James
  8. Thanks all. My actual quote is £380. Judging by what most of you have said, they seems a decent price? Price includes parts, labor and VAT
  9. I'm told the whole shaft
  10. Hi, I'm very apprehensive about my local Ford garage due to bad experiences in the past. I have a quote from them to replace my passenger-side drive shaft: it's split and needs replacing. To the mechanical experts, what would you expect to pay to do this work? Parts / labor / VAT (FULL PRICE) I'll disclose what I've been quoted once I get some of your opinions. I do not want my quote to affect your opinions :P Any comments appreciated. Thanks, James
  11. Funny thing is, I didn't own the car when it had it's last MOT 12 months ago. It was a motorway undercover police car back then. Strange how that MOT was previously passed.
  12. Update - Ford have repaired this. £80 diagnostic and repair. The setting needed to be changed from LHD to RHD. One cannot change these settings without plugging in at Ford I believe. With regards to the Xenon (HID) lights anyway.
  13. I have just tried the screws and the light beam does seem to move the left which is what I need. I'm taking it to Halfords tomorrow I think to get them to check it out. Really hoping I don't need new lamps. Surely there must be a way to make the adjustment.
  14. Hi guys, Urgent help / advice needed if possible. My car failed MOT today for "Nearside front headlamp aim beam image obviously incorrect [1.8.a.1b]". Apparently the passenger xenon headlight is shining towards oncoming traffic. I had the MOT carried out by a private garage and they didn't know how to adjust the lamp. They advised me to seek a Ford garage to get it adjusted. Is there a way I can adjust this headlamp myself? My current MOT expires in 2 days so I really am in the brown stuff here. I really try to avoid my local Ford garage as they truly are thieves. Any help and advice is really appreciated. James
  15. Was driving to the mothers today and spotted this vulgar thing. Look closely at the exhausts...