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  1. i have the round drl fog lights one on my mk6.5 check out bottom page of my project
  2. want this for my fiesta but been told a few mebers has them on there cars allready
  3. Want this from ebay but has anyone got a set
  4. my one fits neat in dash and cost 330 its got everthink
  5. it was a good job well worth the £50 for the button and the makeing will have it working with the red light to match my car all by friday
  6. got button today and fitted it in dash not wired up till friday but you get how it looks more to come when wired in and its dark
  7. me to if anyone wants one makeing let me know
  8. it will do when its wire in still have to put the key in but thats no big deel
  9. Just a update with the button all painted and same colour as dash looks great
  10. yes were the radio is and yea it is a real coin holder says in your ford manual i think its a great place to fit the button as your not moving stuff about and i dnt use the coin holder so perfect
  11. Seen a while ago a ford starter button in a lads coin holder so asked him to make me one this is how it is now he still needs to paint it yet update soon
  12. yes you can make ur own buy the ones off ebay are alot better i have a pic off them off the some one has posted one up and they look great
  13. out of intress does anyone have the angel fog lights i really want a pair and the fella off ebay has none left anyone?
  15. you need to check both sides i dnt think that is it its like a little plug ill try show u a pic