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  1. Well resprayed the van today went with artic white first ever respray think iv done a good job What do you think
  2. Hi thanks for the reply they are easy marked and I'm using the bulbs that came with them I might swap out the bulbs iv also been told they have adjusters on them I won't give up Thanks for the advice cheers john
  3. My escort van failed it's mot on the angel eye headlights they said the light pattern was wrong iv since changed them for original headlights but it's bugging me is there away of correcting the light pattern cheers john
  4. Thanks for the reply I thought I was alone on here
  5. Hi can any help me I'm trying add electric windows to my escort van does anybody know how to do this Are there any guides available Cheers john
  6. Hi would a ford focus tdi instrument cluster fit a 2001 escort van?
  7. Does anybody know?
  8. My van is a 1.8 turbo diesel 2000 regards and has done 137000 starts first time every time but I have replaced the sills patched the rear suspension mountings changed the cambelt and fully undersealed and iv still got body rust to deal with on the body and arches good job I'm handy with a welder
  9. Hi this is my first post and i have a few questions so please forgive me ;-) I have a escort van 1.8 turbo diesel Ok here goes 1:my dash lights are really dim and my clock light well you can't see it at night any way of making these brighter 2: is there any engine upgrades I can do On the upside I am starting to rub down and respray the old girl this weekend / week Thanks for any advice john
  10. Thanks guys sounds like a great place to be
  11. Hi iv tried this just needs abit of modification as the one I have has the brackets a little further along the bar so they need bringing in then should clamp down ( assuming we have the same connect roof rack bars)
  12. Hi just joined currently own ford escort van 1.8 turbo. Always had a soft spot for the escort and especially the vans. Done loads of work to the old girl new sills back cross member ( just love welding) added fog lights and a nice set of alloys always looking for ways to make her look better Cheers john
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums john2708 :)

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