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  1. Temp Gauge, Heater And Fan Control Switch

    Thank you - thats really appreciated
  2. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Ah yeah cheers for that. Its had a new battery! Awesome to know that there aren't anymore fault codes on the car! Sweet! Awesome trick to share and know how to do - i might do this when i buy other fords in the future ha!
  3. Temp Gauge, Heater And Fan Control Switch

    great - i have this issue also!!!!! So annoying that it dosent blow out on 1 or 2!!!! is this part expensive to buy? could anyone link me to one to purchase so i can see the right part i need Thanks for asking this I wasn't sure if it were just me thinking it weren't working ha!
  4. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Can anyone help me? i just did this on my LX mk2 TDCi. I got D900 - no idea what that is - cant find anything for that or for D0900 and 9600 - 9600 PATS Ignition Key Transponder Signal is Not Received - which i guess would be to do with the key? I only have one key and the battery dosent work in it - so i guess thats nothing to worry about? right? ha!?
  5. so looks like ill have to just change the door cards then ha! thanks for the info
  6. Hello all, While I was fitting in the upgrade centre console I discovered that my window heater section had all wires in the other blank spaces - so was wondering if that would mean that the wiring is there for the other options? I ask this as I've just brought that section in silver and that has the button for the front heated screen - it looks like i have the wiring for that, well I'm guessing, so was thinking of getting one installed as that is a feature i massively miss from my fiesta. pictures - this is the part i mean and theres two extra wires/connections in the back of the other two blank cards so i really am hoping someone might provide me with some good news here ha! Also im wanting to take out the standard door card handle parts and replace with the silver higher spec one. I just cant work out how to remove that part?!?! can anyone help with that one too please? Its the surround bit that on the driver side sits over the window and mirror controls. Drivers side Passengers side I know how to take the door cards off etc but I'm not sure how to get these parts free to replace them - i don't want to change to the different door cards as they are a different colour and that will bother me - ha! its bad enough the centre console is a different colour but i can live with that cause of the added aux it adds. cheers in advance anyone
  7. Mk2.5 (2010) Retrofit Armrest

    heres some pictures - This is the connection in my car once removed from the old console wiring underneath the flooring and all the wires from the new console leading into this connection still attached at the side Im thinking that if all the wiring is there - that there must be a part i could get to connect them together which i would guess, things would work in the console?
  8. Mk2.5 (2010) Retrofit Armrest

    yeah still need the pieces from you, thanks. My stereo isn't in yet as need to install the new one but been trying to work out how to get the aux in etc so i don't have to install and take it out again. The heater control does turn freely just dosent actually change - ill check the part you mentioned in a mo. cheers again. oh - when i took my old console out - there was a connector fitted inside with loads of wires going under the flooring - then on the new console there is all the wiring going to the same connector underneath - do you think there would be a female part i could get to attach the two bits together? as was thinking maybe this would work everything? minus the aux lead
  9. Changing Steering Wheel

    yeah i have a mate who could but even he has said that its a bit of a job and wouldn't want to do it ha! was thinking of asking my local garage to do it for me and see how much they'd charge for it
  10. Changing Steering Wheel

    I really want to change from the 4 spoke to the 3 spoke but don't feel comfortable with changing it myself!
  11. Mk2.5 (2010) Retrofit Armrest

    Stoney - you are a legend! Just used your guide to install the arm rest upgrade! What a farce it was to get the old one off! Damaged my heating some how so now only blows out for the windscreen and doesn't change ha! However it looks so much better just from having the centre console changed!
  12. Mk2.5 (2010) Retrofit Armrest

    So i have just brought a centre console with aux and usb in the armrest part - i need to connect it to the stereo which is the upgraded 6000cd one - oval - all the original wiring is underneath the armrest - is there a plug and play part i can just purchase? i am a little lost as to what to do - i am not going to be the best at creating and fixing wires -_-
  13. Ford Focus Mk2.5 Facelift (2010 59 Plate) Radio Wiring?

    sorry to bring up old topics - but i have just brought a centre console with aux/usb in the arm rest to upgrade in my mk2 focus. I have brought the oval stereo to upgrade in my car to - but need to work out how to connect the aux connection in the arm rest to the stereo - my focus isn't a titanium - its just the basic lx model so i am guessing that i am going to need to do some sort of wiring to make it connect - if anyone could help out etc that would be great thanks
  14. I am still trying to workout what to try and use for the first time detailing my car fully, it has a fair few swirl marks from previous owner and is now 10 years old - so i feel its going to need some right work done to it to get it clean. Im interested to hear what products people use when detailing their car - especially clay and lube sprays, polish, glaze and waxes. I have read so much information about a fair few products now but would really like to hear some first hand opinions. Some say don't use Autoglym - dodo juice isn't that great - auto finesse isn't a good one - so I'm a little lost
  15. Ive just brought a centre console with Aux and usb in the arm rest section all the wiring is underneath still but it doesn't have the wiring to connect it back up into the back of the cd player unit. I am upgrading the basic cddj 600cd unit in my car to the silver oval 6000cds unit so that I can connect Aux. Would anyone know what the part number would be for the wiring that is needed to run from the console to the cd unit? there must be a factory part i can buy instead of doing my own wiring as - i wouldn't trust myself ha! Any help would be greatly appreciated.