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  1. FORscan OR iCarsoft i920

    Mine connect's fine at 500K with Elmconfig, Forscan I just use the auto settings and never had any issues with that either.
  2. FORscan OR iCarsoft i920

    I hope you didn't pay £99.95 for it? I bought mine from that seller for around £15 and mine works perfect. Mine looks exactly like the picture shown. I did not realise they no longer sell the one I bought and have upped the price to a ridiculous amount, even worse that it does not seem to work very well either. I would ask for a refund and send it back and buy from elsewhere if I was you. How they can justify such a ridiculous price increase is beyond me.  The only other thing I can suggest is to see if you can update the FTDI chip set in it and see if that solves the issue.
  3. Replacing body parts

    There are two scrapyards near me I would happily use and have used both, Deatons metal salvage yard in Brimington and Viaduct auto spares I think it's called again near Brimington.   Deaton's allow you to walk round in a high vis and get what you need, the cars are all on the ground but they don't often have MK2 Focii in sadly. Viaduct autos allow you to walk round the yard too and get what you need to an extent or they will remove the part for you to collect later on that day. Again they don't tend to have many diesel Focus MK2's in very often.  
  4. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    It sounds like he sent you a dealer check sheet for general vehicle checks, it may have been noted as being damaged when inspected, for example if the wing mirror was faulty as in it didn't move etc then chances are it would have been replaced but as it was minor damage then it would have been left as is unless the buyer pointed it out before the sale.
  5. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    The fact that you did not spot it when looking at it means you have no recourse of action, it does not affect the working of anything hence the garage did not replace it, why should they replace it? they will sell it as it is unless the buyer does a thorough check of the car and points it out, then they would likely offer to replace it for the sale. They are only obliged to replace any items that might make the car un-roadworthy. You say you have acquired an internal document so it sounds like someone has given you something they should not have? which I assume you should not be in possession of, so using that against them is only going to get their back up and probably cause issues for staff that work there. Of course being a main dealer I presume and you paying good money for the car they could offer to repair it as a goodwill gesture. However I fear you won't get the outcome you would like by the sounds of it, we never check vehicles anywhere near enough when we buy them, people even do it with brand new cars and assume them to be absolutely perfect and notice something months down the line. I would chalk it down to experience and replace it when you can personally. Just my opinion of course.
  6. Free If Any Use To Anybody.

    The transponder is new and unused but the key fob is just the housing with no remote PCB and the blank is the Tube style for the earlier Fords, not the flat laser cut key type. It is fairly easy if you are computer savvy but I haven't used Forscan to add any keys as I have Ford IDS. There is a thread about programming keys with Forscan I will try and add a link to this post for you.
  7. REplacement Key HELP

    I imagine £60 is for a non remote key from Timpsons?
  8. REplacement Key HELP

    Keys are cheap enough on ebay or similar, programming the remote part is easy and any one can do it. Programming the transponder is the harder part and requires either Ford IDS diagnostics or Forscan with the extended programming and a modified ELM 327 interface. Whether you go for a non remote key, remote key or flip remote key is just down to personal choice, but all 3 will need coding to the car to start it.
  9. Free If Any Use To Anybody.

    Yes I programmed my key myself, the remote fob part is very easy, the transponder is a little more difficult that requires either Forscan with a modified ELM327 lead with the extended programming. Or Ford IDS to program the transponder in. I paid £31 originally for a flip key off ebay, cut to a picture of my key, including postage, I then programmed the key myself but I did have the tools to do so which I had already purchased for working on my own car.   I paid around a tenner for the second key after accidentally washing my first and knackering the PCB. The only issue is that it had the Tibbe style blade, if I could get these for £10 with the right blade and had a key cutting machine, I could make a nice little earner providing these keys programmed to Fords lol Even if you went with the first buyer I bought mine from and bought a modified ELM327 interface your looking at a smidge under £47 for a fully working flip remote key. Less than half the price you have been quoted and you would also have decent diagnostics for your car too.

    I would certainly check the C19 connector in the engine fusebox especially if you had previously removed it for any reason, unless it is seated 100% properly this can cause the problem you are having. A faulty instrument cluster can also cause this issue or a wiring issue that prevents communication from happening. Are you able to get it checked out on any other diagnostics as the diagnostics port should still function and would help narrow down where to be looking for the fault, ideally Forscan or IDS would be a good start.
  11. stalling issues

    First thing would be change the fuel filter as it should be pretty cheap and clogged fuel filters can cause problems and don't get changed as often as they should. Second would be get it some diagnostics to see if any error codes are present.

    First thing to check is the immobiliser light, is it flashing a code by one long blink then a series of shorter blinks? If it is then the HEC is either not seeing the key is present and not allowing the ECU to start the car. If you can't connect with a scanner you know previously worked then there is certainly a communications issue.
  13. 2010 Ford Focus 1.6tdci DPF or CAT?

    I'f it's a 109 then in has a DPF and CAT as one in the same chamber of the DPF.
  14. Help New Car Won't Start Can You Advise?

    If the cluster is showing dashes instead of mileage and the immobiliser is flashing then there is a communications issue between the modules hence why it won't start. As for returning it you have rights after you have given the garage chance to fix it if not fixed satisfactorily then you have the right to reject it as unfit for use. As for charging you for using it I am pretty sure there is no legal ground they can do that. Write to the garage requesting all the faults to be rectified and go and see CAB and trading standards about your rights. See if trading standards have had any other complaints about that garage.  
  15. Error 500

    Iv'e had them on and off all day today was going to post about it then found this thread. Seems to be fairly random on when it happens. happens on my phone using Google Chrome on 4G and also had it happen at home in Chrome on PC on Sky broadband.