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  1. Did I say anything about being heroes of the road? No. Trucks have been around as long as cars, they pay more fuel and road tax than other vehicles, the industry is constantly struggling because of fuel costs etc, causing cheaper labour to be required to do the job which results in more muppets getting jobs driving a 44 ton killing machine. Not to mention all the extra costs now involved in running trucks like the "protect idiot cyclists" costs to have trucks adapted to go into London cause some brain dead idiot thinks it is a good idea to cycle down the inside of a 44 ton truck and then wonder why they get squashed and need scraping up off the floor. My point is the media portrays trucks as a massive inconvenience to all and encourages this trucks should not be allowed to do x y z and places all of the blame on trucks or truck drivers in 99% of cases, sometimes yes it is the truck design or driver error or stupidity that causes these things but not always. If people who actually think along the lines of the article had any idea what it is like to drive such a vehicle they might have a tad more thought about the situation. If we slow trucks down even more every minute lost means less drops getting done, that means higher wages for longer runs to the driver, the truck earns less so the additional cost is passed on to the manufacturer who increases the cost to you. Stuff gets dearer and takes longer to get delivered and stock can run out quicker, It's simple supply and demand. As I stated there are a lot of Richard Heads that drive everything from a push bike to airplanes and everything else in between. And yes there are some very bad truck drivers out there too. It's a no win situation but everyone wants their say and opinion on these matters when often they have no clue how things will affect the people/businesses involved. But it's OK, if a truck journey takes 5 minutes longer it's fine, after all they are not regulated and governed by strict rules on what they can and can't do, A few minutes here and there can be the difference between getting the job done and home or nighting out, again more cost when a truck nights out for no good reason. We are always against strict time regulations but car drivers are not they can have all the time in the world to get somewhere, we don't have that luxury so sometimes a few minutes does make the difference. But it's OK we just keep on blaming it on the trucks or buses or taxi's or cyclists etc instead of dealing with the real problems, poor standard of driving, lane hogging, driving too slowly, being completely ignorant to others on the road etc etc Solve a lot of the issues with lane hoggers and people driving too slowly/badly and in most places the traffic would flow a lot better, but until people learn to use the capacity of the roads properly it will never happen. The speed limit for trucks was upped to 50 on a single carriageway road from 40? Why? To stop idiots overtaking dangerously and at break neck speeds on blind bends etc, again this was done to protect car drivers from themselves as the risk of accidents with trucks at a higher speed versus the risk of cars overtaking dangerously and causing accidents is an acceptable risk and that decision would not have been taken lightly. People are in too much of a rush all the time and that is what causes the aggression on the roads, the hold ups and bad standard of driving most of the time.
  2. It's such a shame you were held up for a short while. How inconsiderate of the truck driver. These things don't work they are not enforced and will only be peak times anyway. Why are you so aggrieved by being held up by a truck for a short while. Elephant racing will always happen as a lot of drivers don't know when to back off and let a faster truck past sadly in all driving types there are muppets. So what happens when a truck is at the section which is under ban and Mr or Mrs myopic or Mr frugal trying to eek an extra 2mpg out of there car is now holding a truck up? What about the car drivers that fly past trucks and then cut in and brake hard in front of a 44ton truck to get off the slip road. There is far too much hatred towards trucks in general but no one complains when they can buy the new car or iPhone or do the weekly shopping. Make trucks journeys take even longer than they already do and watch your favourite shops running out of stock more often. It boils my ***** in this country everything is a truck drivers fault here just because of the minority of Muppet's that granted licences. Maybe we should also ban vehicles travelling at too slow speeds as well? Or the car drivers that drive on a smart motorway in lanes that have a red x above them undertaking everyone else that is obeying the rules, after all a red x doesn't mean anything does it, and you can't be prosecuted for driving in a lane with a red x can you. In fact I'm just going to go now before this turns into even more of a rant. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  3. Considering Peugeot closed both the Coventry factories a good number of years ago both the Vauxhall plants will go also. They just won't keep them in the UK long term. Heard a discussion about it saying not likely short term but long term most likely. It will be just another nail in the coffin of the UK car industry. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  4. Try living in the UK where we get 300+ days of rain sleet snow and everything else. Suck it up buttercup. Lol Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  5. It seems the EGR valve on the 1.8 is part of the intake manifold so a much bigger job than the EGR valve clean/replacement on the 1.6. Seems a rather daft design to be honest but as I have never had a 1.8 I have never done one, quite expensive if it needs replacing, personally I would see about getting it cleaned and if it's faulty see about getting it mapped out.
  6. Yeah cars good mate. Nice driving something so new. Toys are great although the DAB and USB are not working. So will need to look at that soon. Some of the early cars had an issue with the DAB module in the dashboard so think I've got one of those lol Couple of other minor niggles but nothing drastic. It's a lot better than I first thought the more I drive it the more I really like it. It's no where near as under powered as made out if you work the gearbox right as its a 1.5 petrol without a turbo. If they had stuck a turbo on it would make an awesome warm/hot hatch. Handles really good and comfy. Road noise isn't bad at all and wind noise is well suppressed too. Got some lovely Landsail tyres on the front though so they need to go when I can and stick OEM Goodyear's back on the front. Got a spare allot wheel with some laquer corrosion on it from a salvage yard for a spare rather than buying a steel wheel. Only comes with a can of gunk and compressor which I'm not keen on. Going to see if I can use the Jack out of my ZTT and I have some wheel braces so will see if I have the right size. Got some MG3 mats coming as well so that will be sorted soon. Thinking of getting some mudflap for it as well as I think that will finish it off a treat. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  7. The M47R engine used in the 75 is a very reliable engine as it doesn't have the swirl flaps for a start that the BMW version does amongst a few changes. It's generally other things that let the engine down like the pathetic clutch system amongst others. A fair few owners had hundreds of thousands of miles on the clicks with the diesel. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  8. The 75/ZTT was the only recent MG to have a BMW engine, none of the new MG's have any BMW engines in them, the only reason the 75/ZT had a BMW engine (diesel M47R) was because MG Rover was owned my BMW when that car was built. Sadly the car has picked up some damage today on the rear bumper, either from a car or a shopping trolley I think whilst parked in a Tesco car park, only place it could have happened, so ***** annoyed.
  9. Ford developed the front heated screen with the glass supplier back in the day, from memory and I could be wrong but I think they got a latent granted but only for x amount of years, but I could be wrong just seems to be in my head for some reason. Obviously with the tie ups with Mazda vehicles they were the first to have them fitted as certain models were just a Ford underneath anyway. It's actually a shame Ford didn't come up with the heated steering wheel that Corsa had when I had that rental car when mine was in the garage. It's actually a good idea just like the original heated screen design by Ford.
  10. Did I say I've got a new car lol [emoji13] Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  11. Well I'm sat in the dealer while he finishes handing over one car and kind of sad to see the Focus going but also glad to see my new car sitting there looking all lovely. Like a ***** big kid at Xmas. Lol Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  12. Just at Shiny Shiny getting the outside of the car washed as it is absolutely disgustingly dirty and I feel bad part x'ing it with it so dirty lol so in about an hour I will be in the new car as the Focus will be gone. It's been emotional peeps lol mostly blood sweat and tears fixing the ***** thing lol Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  13. I don't like the fact I am going to miss my heated windscreen on the cold icy mornings. But it's a small loss for a much newer car in the grand scheme of things. Lol Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  14. I do like that in 11.5hrs from now I will be in my new car. Unless anything goes drastically wrong that is. Although I should not have said that. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  15. It will be a long night and day lol only 21 hours and 6 minutes to go. One sleep sounds better lol