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  1. Identify this hose!

    3M51-R017C06-AC is a water drain pipe presumably a drain for the air con system considering it ends with AC. That is without being able to check it up with the parts catalog and just the basic info I have gleaned from foreign websites that have that part number listed. It is not mean't to be connected at one end as it is a drain pipe. Clicky this link and all will be revealed.
  2. DPF Additive Query

    A full tank of 1.8 litres is supposed to last for 75K miles hence the top up schedule being at 75K miles. But as Tom said the more frequent the regenerations and the more frequent filling the car up the quicker the fluid will be used up quicker. I can't remember off hand the dosing amount but sure it is quite a small amount something like 50ml is ringing around my head.
  3. DPF Additive Query

    1.8 litre tank I believe not sure where I read it though so Tom is in the right region.
  4. New Battery Help

    Just re read you post. Read it wrong the first time.
  5. V5 incorrect information

    I just can't understand how it has not been picked up in 8 years, either by insurance, owners dealers/car sales places and ANPR. If it is down as Red and you would expect previous owners to have pulled by the police numerous times. I would suggest you write or speak to the DVLA and see what they say about it, as long as you have evidence that is has never been resprayed and documentation to that effect it won't have any effect on future value. If you have it writing that it was a mistake then people can see it has been done properly and was a mistake not a colour change. Mistakes do happen on V5's but for it to have been unnoticed for so long is rather odd and worrying in my mind.
  6. Autoglass tomorrow

    All fitted perfectly and no real issues to speak of, it took him a while to do it, but I did keep popping over to see what he was doing just to keep an eye on the fitting process lol I'm like that, brought him a coffee out of the machine too cause I am a nice guy like that.
  7. V5 incorrect information

    Very odd, it would still be worrying me and ringing alarm bells if I am honest, in 10-11 years no one has picked up the fact it is yellow not red even though it shows on the V5 as red? Insurance, "the colour of your car is red yes?" "er no it's yellow, well it says here it's red" just seems way too long a time for it to have never been picked up on. Just my cynical mind maybe.
  8. V5 incorrect information

    Daft question I know but what colour is the car under any internal trim etc? Has it been wrapped in yellow I assume the engine bay is also yellow? If the whole car is yellow then either it's had an expensive and full respray or it was a !Removed! up when registered, but normally someone would have noticed it was wrong before now.
  9. Medway Area - anyone willing to loan a 7 seater?

    Just stick a couple of people in the boot man lol
  10. Autoglass tomorrow

    Well window tech tang me at ten to two saying he was here, I had only just got in myself. The screen has already been replaced and was fitted badly although he has had quite a job getting it out. As for fitting a different screen it would depend on who was fitting it and whether they are a jobs worth. Having said that asking for a dearer screen to be fitted under insurance so you can retrofit auto light/wipers would technically be classes as fraud. Personally not worth it in my opinion.
  11. Autoglass tomorrow

    I will ask but when I rang up they took my reg number and said it only lists the one screen for my car so they knew what screen it should be. If wanting to upgrade the less hassle route would be to buy one from a breakers and find a local independant firm to fit it for you going to cost more I know but at least you can get what you want done for sure.
  12. Virus pop up whilst on this site.

    Thanks Alex, I realised later on I had probably put it in the wrong place and thanks for flagging it up to James.
  13. Virus pop up whilst on this site.

    Haha very good Tom. I hate adverts with a vengeance. Had to exit the browser completely and restart it as it would not let you close the pop up so any dumbwit would have ended up installing the software by accident.
  14. Things I Don't Like

    Adverts and pop ups on forums and websites. Using crap advert services to gain revenue that's pisses the users off. Every forum and lots of websites are the same these days, all about making money and sod the users experience. Pure greed mostly. Just my opinion of course.
  15. Had a really annoying virus pop up whilst browsing on here on my phone. It knows what phone I am using and also says my contacts and sim card will be damaged unless I install some software from Google Play. Obviously I have ignored it but some people are gullible enough. It really is sad these days that sites like this and websites rely so much on advertising to make revenue that really detracts from the user experience, no one likes adverts in general and even more annoying when they pop up for no reason and you can't just navigate away from them easily.