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  1. Either a leak or it's burning oil, a litre a week is a lot.
  2. It is hard to really see from the picture, but that part is plastic, and the exhaust and Turbo give off a lot of heat and enough heat and plastic will distort and or melt. So yes the heat shield should be fitted.
  3. When mine stutters it is very noticeable but only lasts for a short duration while doing the regen cycle. if it is doing a regen then it should be using more fuel, the engine fan should be on and "small clouds of white smoke should be visible from the exhaust" although mine smokes a heck of a lot when coming off the accelerator during a regen. Also if using forscan you can read the DPF filter temperature as it should rise up getting as hot as 600-650º I find my pre filter temp varies between 150-300º during normal driving, only when it is doing regens does it start to rise dramatically getting over 400/500º. The PDF link covers all 3 diesel engines, 1,6, 1.8 and 2.0 yes.
  4. Does it stutter all the time on the motorway or is just sometimes whilst on the motorway. Mine can stutter quite a bit when it is doing a Regen even quite fiercely noticeable. But it only does this when it is doing a Regen cycle.
  5. Actually is more likely to do with what happens to the battery in the event of a bad accident. Hence why they are housed in a battery box and strapped down not to mention where they are placed. A battery is a heavy weapon if it comes loose during an impact.
  6. Is it a surprise trying to get rid of technology so cheap that is pretty much redundant nowadays. How many people actually chose CD's anymore, new cars come with DAB radio and USB functions, most people buy a replacement unit to upgrade to these functions if parts of the original system break down rather than pay silly money for replacement parts. Great price for anyone who does want one though.
  7. I believe on the MK1 you could program spare keys as long as you had both keys but not on the Mk2 onward the system is different. For a MK2 you have to program the transponder with diagnostics and the remote locking can be programmed as per my link to the video how to. You need Forscan to program a new key, not Elmconfig.
  8. Either way as I can't remember what chip it requires off hand, you will need to have either programmed to the car to start it, unless you have a modified ELM 327 and Forscan or access to Ford IDS diagnostics. You can only program the remote locking function without diagnostics.
  9. I am not going to list them in full for the usual security reasons (they do say you should never put full registrations on line) but here we go. DRW***T Fiat B***EHL VW C***GOH Rover H***JBL Fiat M***PVO Rover P***EOG Rover Y***UGV Rover AY**XWX MG Current Focus. Plus 2 cars I had but never got on the road but can't remember the registrations of those. Parents. E***MKV Peugeot G***CKV Peugeot K***AKV Seat K***AKV Seat (both same cars with following reg's both new in same colour one 3 door one 5 door. M**DFB Fiat L***OWK Peugeot Brother FE**NKK Company car Funny how I only ever remember the one car my brother had and several of my parents cars but not all of them, but I did go to pick up all the new cars with them in that list, Being a kid and going to pick up a new car was sort of an exciting time as a youngster lol No idea why most of them stick in my memory so clearly but did have to think about a couple for a moment.
  10. As Peter says what were you using to read the error codes? Suitable diagnostics can read much more than just power train codes like a generic code reader. Powertrain codes can cause the MIL to illuminate as can the FACM, EGR valve issues, cluster issues, VNT vane issues (if it's 110bhp), glow plugs and just about anything else.
  11. Do you have a Volvo or a Focus? You have one post talking about owning a Volvo with the 1.6 Ford/PSA engine in it and now this one saying you have a Focus???
  12. Quite frankly if it is very blocked then changing it or gutting it and remap it out are the only options. Even when it won't regen if you try it several times doing a forced regen eventually it might succeed and clean it enough to buy you a bit more time. What error codes is it showing up? As knowing that would help to be able to have an idea of what is going on. How many miles has it done? What sort of journeys does it do mostly?
  13. A. both track rods and track rod ends need to be the correct lengths. if they are different lengths they will put the tracking out that is why you check them to make sure they are correct. It also helps you make sure they are both the right items as they may look the same but orders can be picked incorrectly. C. I have never heard of laser vs computer tracking, AFAIK there is 2 wheel laser adjustment or 4 wheel laser adjustment. 2 wheel tracking adjusts the front wheels tracking which is very old hat now. 4 wheel alignment uses the same laser principle but allows the whole geometry of the front and rear suspension to be set correctly as close to the manufacturers specifications. Some vehicles can be adjusted on the back suspension. Having the front tracked does not mean the front wheels will be perfectly aligned with the rears still causing wear to tyres. 4 wheel alignment means all 4 wheels will be pointing straight ahead as far as is possible and stop any handling issues, all 4 wheels need to be aligned properly in this day and age. D. If new TRE's are longer then they will be longer so pushing the wheels out at an angle more putting the tracking out even more, so they should be screwed on to be about the same length which would involve making sure the distance is about the same by however many turns to make them approx the same length.
  14. Just an air hose as part of the intercooler Finis number should be 1465155.
  15. AreYou have been told by counting the turns or measuring them or backing off the lock nut one turn you can put the replacements in approx the right position without the tracking being way out. But it still needs tracking adjusting as soon as possible. A few miles with badly out if spec tracking will start to scrub the tyres either on the inside or outside edges. It will also affect the handling especially in the wet if the wheels are not pointing straight ahead, especially so if one is more or less straight and the other is at an angle pointing in or out. It is best practise to adjust them as close as you can when fitting them. Then when you have it aligned they will align both wheels correctly with the laser wheel tracking machine. For checking the length of the new ones that is purely to see that they are the approx same length as some makes vary in the design and as always they should be replaced in pairs. Remember working on your own car is important to get it right as you are putting your life and others on the line. In the event of an accident you would be to blame if they inspect the vehicle and find work to be sub standard. Everyone has to learn to a degree but asking the amount of questions you do makes me worry you don't know enough about what you are trying to do, read the Haynes and it will tell what is required to do jobs, if you don't understand it then maybe you should take it to someone who does know what they are doing.