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  1. Just to add regarding the Astra I used opcom to program a new key for a friend of friend for her Corsa, she only had one key and the remote was totally knackered, now she has a spare key for manually unlocking and starting the car and a fully working remote key. Cost her 37 quid for her key from the same seller I got my car key from oh eBay.
  2. Your welcome. Glad to be of help.
  3. For the Astra opcom is pretty decent but will need a laptop or tablet to get OT working. Comes with the adapter you need I got it for my friends Astra for around £20. Forscan is Ford specific.
  4. A seller on eBay I used will cut it to the keycode or a picture of the blade. Cost 31 quid ready to program. You can pair the remote central locking if you look at the video in my signature link but the transponder needs coding in with IDS or Forscan with an ELM327 modified interface. If you are not bothered about being able to use your old to key to start the car than you can carefully remove the already programmed chip from your old key and insert it into your new key. Look at this on eBay I used IDS with my VCM to program my new key transponder although I have not used Forscan to program one but it is supposed to be pretty easy. An ELM327 is usually around 15 quid and will give you most dealer diagnostics and with Elmconfig as well gives options for changing other settings in various ECU's.
  5. Seems a rather odd setup for the global open/close to be honest but thanks for the confirmation. Anti trap surely though should be available regardless of how many windows are electric etc. I know it was just a configuration option that needed changing on my ZTT so assumed the Focus would be similar. It's generally cheaper to have one part made that supports all functions and enable then at the dealer at POD. Rather than the cost of multiple different parts to be produced same goes for wiring looms, cheaper usually to have one loom with every option but only those specified at the tike of order fitted.
  6. I wouldn't think new motors would be required. Usually global open/close is controlled via the alarm system or body computer. All it does is send a positive or negative feed to make the windows go up or down. From what I have read on here it is only available if all 4 windows are electric to start with and I would imagine those cars will have the door modules and the gem needs coding appropriately.
  7. As always someone read something on the internet and assumes it is correct, or uses it as a ploy to get people to buy the item thinking they can do it themselves. Or a seller that knows some stuff but can't be bothered to check it is relevant for all years/models.
  8. Possibly RF antenna data circuit, short to ground or short to battery. Some models have a separate antenna unit that is located behind the interior light from memory some don't and it is part of the GEM module from memory.
  9. The central locking module is part of the GEM fusebox. What symptoms is your car displaying?
  10. Yes it should be possible to use, pairing the remote function is easy as long as you have a working key but the transponder needs coding to the car using Ford IDS or ELM327 with Forscan. Alternatively if replacing a knackerd key for can swap the transponder out of your old key into the new one if it fits and need to only program the remote function.
  11. Yes it can be possible, global opening and cloning is the feature you are talking about, from memory though you need electric windows all round as the car will then have door control modules. Can be activated if available with Ford IDS or Elmconfig assuming the model year is covered. On phone so not sure if you have your car details in your profile.
  12. In my experience when your looking for something it is always in the last box you look in, yes I realise that is stating the obvious but go for the hardest to get to box and I imagine there they will be lol Or look in the most stupidest place as that is the other way I find things that are lost, did you check under the sofa and in the fridge, funny what turns up inside the fridge lol Cheers pal much appreciated.
  13. An adroit suggestion but sadly I do not have a dremmel to do so. If you could find them out and let me know that would be great. I plan on doing it next weekend but can always hold off if needs be.
  14. Otherwise it's cutting the nuts off to get bumper off but one thing I don't have in my tool kit is a grinder lol Might be able to get a hacksaw in though to cut the nuts off.
  15. You can only access the inside once the bumper is removed normally by drilling the rivets out and detaching the bumper from the brackets. In fact I think I can drill all the rivets out just by pulling the bumper out at the top. So might just do that and use some nuts and bolts and cut an access hole in the sides to get a spanner on for the future should it need to come off again.