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  1. Honestly I think the part ex price is more than you could sell it for privately IMHO Tom. It's a nice motor no doubt and reasonable mileage etc but I would say 2.5K would be a realistic price even being a titanium spec car. Mine is 2 years or so older with 96K miles on it. So not the facelift and not the titanium spec just a tdci sport and I'd be lucky to get 1000-1300 realistically for mine. Dealer I spoke to the other day said 530 for mine part ex, said he could up it to 800 on the car I was looking at and he would retail mine at 1395 as mileage wise and condition wise he would retail mine. Just my opinion of course but I think these days private sales are only really much good for really cheap cars. And as always what a vehicle is advertised for is not normally what they sell for most of the time. A good indication I find is what similar spec cars have sold for in completed listings on eBay or the classified ads.
  2. It would prove difficult to prove you had not received the NIP though, and what are the chances of convincing a court it did not arrive. That whole issue would not exist if NIP's were sent recorded delivery as someone would have to sign for it therefore proof it was delivered. But I guess it comes down to cost and extra effort and time. Not even a dig at the police or whoever, but so many authorities etc insist on recorded delivery when we send them mail that is important, yet important documents sent by them are sent in normal mail. Oh well just the way it is I guess.
  3. It was just a reply to the myth that people often pedal around about it has to be received within 14 days. Wasn't aimed at you personally. As I and others have pointed out they merely have to issue it within 14 days of the offence, it does not have to arrive on your doorstep within the 14 days or even at all as long as it was issues then it's valid. The police have 6 months I believe to take any action regarding a NIP.
  4. No see my post above, it only has to be issued within 14 days, whether you receive it or not is irrelevant. Chances are you probably wont get one, did you even check if the lights have a signal camera on them? Some lights have a traffic signal camera, some have a speed camera and traffic signal camera, but not every set of lights do have them.
  5. This myth needs putting to bed, all they have to do is issue the NIP within 14 days of the offence, it does not have to reach you within that amount of days, in fact it might not reach you at all knowing royal fail, but as long as it has been issued by the force within 14 days it is valid.
  6. As Peter says, get a new blade and fob and transfer the immobiliser chip from your existing key to the new one and it will start the car. Then program the remote fob to unlock the car. If you buy a key from this seller on eBay he will also cut the blade to the code or work out the code from a picture of your key. This is where I got my new key from. Cloning your existing chip is quite common place for key places, however I have heard of some systems having issues with a cloned chip later down the line.
  7. Any suspension work will affect the geometry of the wheels, therefore when any work like that is done it should be tracked again ASAP.
  8. Use the Vauxhall glass price guide fill in some daft details and it will give you Glass price for your car. Although it seems Glass are closing the online website for valuations this month and only operating directly to businesses after that.
  9. I've learnt I really don't like working on a Sunday for a measly time and a quarter, especially when I find out a warehouse person is on double time over 20 quid an hour. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  10. Well that's a crappy design then lol mine better behave itself or it will be for the chop if it needs a sender replacing.
  11. Can you not get to the sender from an access panel underneath the rear bench seat? Most cars have an access panel for that reason would be crazy to have to remove the tank to do it.
  12. PCV valves are great until they go wrong, as said if it is blocked pressure in the crank case will build up instead of being vented to the atmosphere, then the oil will come out of the easiest route, usually the dipstick holder. PCV valves should usually be replaced at some point even though they often don't feature on a service schedule. This was a common problem on the M47R BMW engine in the ZTT/Rover 75 by the PCV valve being overlooked. I actually don't know if the PCV valve is a part that can be changed on the DV6 engine to be fair. But a blocked PCV valve can cause oil seals to be damaged and then the car will start burning oil, I hope yours does not end up being terminal but it doesn't sound too good.
  13. A turbo charged car running well in the colder weather should really feel much more lively off the mark, cold dense air is excellent for turbo engines, mine is great when the air is cold and dense. Feels like a different car when it's cold. Something does not sound right to me.
  14. Tyres being worn could have nothing to do with the clutch. If tracking is out tyres can wear badly and sane with pressures. Only the OP knows how they have been driving the car, if they have killed the clutch by being daft then it will be an expensive lesson.
  15. I don't think removing the magnet would make any difference all that seems to do is a counter of how often the vehicle has been fuelled up. I believe the FACM needs mapping out too if it is done properly.