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  1. Clutch gone after 34k miles

    A clutch will only last with however it is treated, the previous owner may have about killed it prior to you buying it. Ford will unlikely be interested as it is classed as a consumable item unless the garage can prove it was a manufacturing defect issue.
  2. Engine Malfunction Warning - Help!?

    No you would need elmconfig to be able to select that module and see if it is connecting it and reading it OK, but you would probably need a laptop to do that thinking about it. Open or short on the injector means a wiring issue not necessarily an injector issue. You should be able to use your Bluetooth adapter with a laptop and elmconfig though. Or as I say see if the codes come back the other option is remove the cluster and wiggle the connector and see if it makes the engine malfunction come up again as Arthur has suggested before, that would give you an idea if it is a cluster fault.
  3. Engine Malfunction Warning - Help!?

    I would say you have an issue on injector on cylinder 4 for starters, probably a wiring issue. As for the communications fault that can be caused when using diagnostics and not actually be a fault, however that code was logged when you had it happen the first time as you say you had the car skidding light come on for an ABS/ESP fault. That DTC did request the MIL to be illuminated at that time. I would clear the codes now you know what they are and run it again until the MIL comes on again, then read it again and see what codes come back. Are you able to select the ABS module and try connecting to it and reading that on it's own? That is on the HS can network so does not require a modified interface.
  4. On going issue with engine warning light

    Also 5th gear just above 40mph on a slight incline in a 1.6 petrol is probably pushing it a bit and labouring the engine a bit but should not cause an engine malfunction.
  5. On going issue with engine warning light

    Cam belt would not cause a engine malfunction light. But the cam sensor or crankshaft sensor would likely do so. It needs diagnostics to read what error codes are present when the light is on and any stored codes but not present codes, then clearing then test driving again to see what codes come back to have any idea where to start with diagnosing the problem.
  6. Marks on paint that disappear when wet

    Could be road tar have you been through any roadworks lately? A picture though would really help. My ZTT that I had before my Focus had a terrible road rash along the lower part of the wing and doors, it seemed to be pretty common on some cars but not on others, at the time the suggestion was damaged paintwork due to either a bad batch of paint or issue with the top coat lacquer. Then again there was a lot of cost cutting around the time my car was built being a 54 plate and MG Rover going bust in 2005, for a few years previous they had project drive on cost cutting deleting features that were standard fit and only having them as options and removing some soundproofing etc anything they could do at the time to cut some costs here and there. Not quite the same situation but it could be some sort of paint road rash. But as I say a picture might really help. you could try using some meths to try cleaning it up but wash the area well after and polish it also. Otherwise you coudl try a clay bar to see if it remove whatever it is.
  7. Things I Don't Like

    Another thing I don't like is idiots all queuing like mad to get to Ikea. Especially the moron in the Zafira that stopped in the second lane of the dual carriageway trying to get across as the last minute causing problems for vehicles trying to go straight past the exit. So I duly gave the moron some horn as o had to drive round their car blocking half of the second lane. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  8. Things I Don't Like

    Still a bit snotty and coughing but mostly over it. Why couldn't I have been ill this week.
  9. Strange beeping tune coming from car

    A recording of the sound would really help as someone might then be able to identify the sound.
  10. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like it being the first day back at work after 2 weeks off, and spending a whole week of it being ill with man flu lol
  11. Exhaust mounting rubbers keep breaking

    Is it a standard exhaust system and is the car lowered at all? Could the exhaust be catching on a speed bump or something and causing the hangers to break?
  12. Exhaust mounting rubbers keep breaking

    I must say it us unusual to be honest, never had an exhaust hanger break on any car I have ever owned. It can't be the hangers just breaking surely something must be causing them to fail but what I have no idea off hand. I know eventually they will perish and break but usually they take a long time to do so. Stumped for ideas.
  13. Engine Malfunction Warning - Help!?

    Indeed as Arthur says it could be a cluster fault, especially if there are no error codes although with a cluster fault some codes should be stored, from the PCm or pats etc. At least with decent diagnostics you can check that everything else is fine and it is not another module causing it.
  14. Mk2 focus washer hose?

    Yep Halfrauds do indeed sell it as would almost any motor factors too, getting the right size is the hardest bit.
  15. Engine Malfunction Warning - Help!?

    Just checked on eurocarparts, and it looks like there is a complete housing filter and a paper inner filter available for the 1.8 engine, so it probably has had the filter insert changed then, at least that rules that out. Still check it with Forscan and see what if any faults are logged then come back to us and let us know.