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  1. Hi all, Have been speaking to several of my friends who had varying diesel cars. A couple of them have recently had their DPF filters removed and remapped. They have seen some massive improvements in power and torque gains! For example Seat Leon TDI - 170ps, now 233ps! Could similar performance gain be achieved by doing something similar with the DPF on the 1.6tdci (obviously we're not talking figures in the region of above!). I've already got a noticable difference by installing a s/s indiction kit and a force air ram kit to the air box enclosure (instead of using ambient engine air, that the highly restrictive oem filter/air box uses). Any comments welcome!
  2. I removed the piping to the air box and created a ram from behind the grille! You are right the existing box piping just pulls ambient air from inside the engine bay through a series of twists and bends which must only result in a whisper of warm air getting to the air box?! If you can create a bracket of some way of supporting the viper (I'd go for a BMC though - cheaper and more effective!!), it should be okay. Let us know how you get on!!
  3. Just fitted one to my 1.6 TDCI without issue. Not sure how much difference there is between the air boxes? Got myself a quikshift Stainless filter. Left the airbox bottom in place and it fitted inside it as the normal filter is just a large cylinder filter instead of a panel. This left my MAF sensor fitted in the bottom part of the airbox with all the support is needs. I can fit the airbox lid back on too. I did have to remove the standard air ducts though, as it only pulled in ambient engine air. Just made a ram from behind the grill into the air box. I left the lid off mine so I can hear it more. Funny thing with it being a TDCI, it doesn't give you the usual growl of a petrol engine with an induction, however I get the worlds loudest sucking noise and can here some sort of almost wastegate chatter between changes and when you come of the accelorator. Definately feels more responsive pulling through the gears also. Is there room in your existing air box to drop an aftermarket cone filter in??? worth a look....... You can just remove the MAF sensor from the airbox, but you will need to construct some kind of support for it, and fit a filter that way?! K&N provide a Y shaped support bracked for use with their previous version.
  4. Anyone any ideas of how to remove the sony DAB head unit thats in the 2009 Focus Titaniums? I have one and want to connect my nokia bluetooth handfree to the unit so it mutes when i receive calls, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Lee