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  1. You could also check whether your vnt actuator is working properly. As it is an electric actuator this may be the reason why it's giving a EML throwing a code up. If you can get an OBD II ELM327 with HS-CAN/MS-CAN switch and use with FORSCAN, you may be able to find out what to check as they have some good fault diagnosis routes to explore. I had a similar issue but without the EML as i've got a 1.6 TDCI which has the Vacuum actuator but still threw up the underboost fault code on interrogation. Hope this helps.
  2. I have a Grand C-max 1.6 TDCi Titanium. I have a intermittent fault with the widow/mirror/child lock switches. If I select a window to open/close it will only move until power is lost to the switch unit. The same applies to the power folding wing mirrors, although they will move fully in/out when able to select. The puddle lamp and backlighting go on and off at regular intervals. Sometimes the mirrors will not fold when locking the car. Is this a problem with the switch unit or the body control unit? Can I reset these? I have disconnected/reconnected the switch unit to no avail. The passengers puddle light does not go on and off the same as the drivers. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
  3. If it's a Variable Vane Turbo then the vanes could have stuck. The vanes maybe the terrible ones that look like they are made of tinfoil. Does it go straight into limp mode? Do you have any power at any time before limp mode? I would look at the turbo 1st.
  4. I think the problem with the turbo is the variable vane. Basically it's build quality is rubbish and if it gets clogged up it will affect the performance and can also wreck the turbo if one of the vanes dislodge. A place up near Fleetwood, Turbo Rebuilds, have manufactured an uprated variable vane ring. Costs about £80 and is simple to fit.
  5. My bad, pressed the wrong button! I'm thinking of fitting a later 2nd hand engine into my focus cmax and was wondering what pitfalls I would come up against? I have seen one and it is a 1.6tdci AV6Q 6007 BB with a six speed box. It is a complete unit with all these bits, Air con pump, Alternator, Cat DPF, Turbo manifold, Throttle bodies, air flow sensor, engine mounts, fuel pump, injectors, ECU, Engine wiring loom, Starter motor, Down pipe, Turbo, Engine cover, Sump, 6 Speed gearbox. It also comes with the gear cables and gear stick.
  6. Focus C max
  7. Will think about that
  8. Don't know how I've done it, but I've just refitted the Turbo (Took about an hour, so watch out for garage labour fees) left it to idle for about 20 mins, took it for a lesuirely drive and could feel the turbo kicking in at about 2000 rpm. So then I took it down the dual carriageway and it performed well. The time taken to remove and refit the turbo would have taken me 3 hrs max and that is with basic tools. If you can do it yourself then do it, It has only cost me about £160 for a new cartridge and enhanced variable nozzle ring. If you've got the 753420 garrett turbo and need to replace the variable nozzle ring go for and enhanced one and not the !Removed! thing that destroyed my turbine when it got slightly coked up. After seeing the amount of crap the engine produces I shall be going and getting it Terracleaned. I had this done on my old Fiesta 1.4 TDCi and it worked a treat. If anyone has other thing to mention regarding this post the please post a reply to keep the knowledge going.
  9. I have just replaced the Turbo cartridge and vane assy on my 2005 1.6 TDCi. The vanes had clogged up and a couple decided to let go and destroy the turbine. After replacing I still have no power when accelerating. When I got back I checked that the vacuum was applied to the turbo, which it was indicated by the vane lever/actuator in the down position, however when I got someone to increase the revs past 2000 there was no movement on the actuator. I have removed the turbo and checked that the actuator and vanes were not sticking. The actuator and vanes moved freely. I have also cleared the fault codes in the PCM, some relating to Turbo underboost during acceleration. Do I need to check the Turbo boost solenoid valve? If so how do I do that. Do I need to check any more hoses, as the only thing that was disconnected during the turbo removal/fit was the vacuum hose to the actuator? Any Help on this matter would be greatly apprieciated. Regards Rob
  10. Cheers for that. I was expecting the Main dealers to charge a silly amount! I shall seek out a auto locksmith and let you know! Regards Rob
  11. I have had to purchase another remote for our Grand C-max, Not from main dealer. Can I reprogramme it myself or do I have to go to a main dealer. It is a keyless start and not keyless entry. When I have removed the cover off where the ignition barrel would be there is only a plastic holder without any slot for a key. The remote slides and latches in nicely though? Photos of key fob below. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards Rob
  12. Back to the dealer it is then!!!! Just hope they don't want paying for it!!!!
  13. The module 8M5T-19G488-AJ is noted down in the ford ecat as: From: 21-07-2008 To: 02-10-2008 Fiesta 2008-, BT/VC Phone Interface Only, Voice Activated Module - British If you could send me your reg then I may be able to help further. Regards Rob
  14. Clive, Unfortunately that didn't work even after disconnecting for over an hour! Regards Rob
  15. Cheers Clive. I will give that a try :) ! Regards Rob