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  1. Nasty Smell After Windscreen Wash

    Is that the one in the passenger footwell? Looking at other posts I may have to be a contortionist. Thanks for the hint. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  2. Engine Misfire After Plug Gap Alteration

    Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  3. Engine Misfire After Plug Gap Alteration

    Thanks guys. Managed to locate a thread on coil packs also suggesting 1.0mm revision. I'll try that first. Failing that I'll try a new coil lack. Any harm in motor factor coil pack of stick with Ford gen parts? Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  4. Nasty Smell After Windscreen Wash

    Thanks for the reply. Do just run through what's in and top up with new or is there a flush procedure? Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  5. Hi I thought my Mk1 was running a little (low mot and soot on the tailpipe). I checked the plug gap which were well 2mm. Manual suggests for a 1.6 Zetec they should be 1.6mm. However it now misses between 1000 and 2000 rpm. Fine above that rev range. What gap do you recommend for most beautiful efficient burn? Thanks. Craig. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  6. Hi After cleaning the windscreen with washer jets there is a god awful rotten egg smell in the cabin. Can I just run the fluid level down and put in some cleaner or could it be more sinister and linked to air on fungus? Thanks Craig Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  7. Phones & Gadgets!!!

    I've tried various mounts. wins for me. No problems with mount, grips or obscuring view. Now have one in both my MkI and MkIII Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  8. Clunk In Steering When Turning ?

    The variation in dealer response is frightening. Good luck to the guys who are unfortunately having to battle with Ford. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Problem Going Uphill!

    Bought a 2nd hand mk1 which had a new tuning belt. However on hills it jut wouldn't go and was really underpowered, especially pulling out at junctions. Garage said timing was out by a couple of teeth, as the garage didn't peg it right when cambelt was done. However I got it back and it still had the problem. Garage had it for 2 days investigating. In the end it appeared the wrong camelt was previously fitted. This was changed and it now feels like a totally different car. All under 1 month warranty.
  10. Hi all I had done some investigation into retrofitting an ISOfix bracket to my Ford Focus Mk1. Research revealed a lot of confusion as to what did or didn't fit. ISOfix was not fitted as standard in the Ford Focus Mk1 model, however, the mounting holes do exist under the rear seats to enable retrofitting, This post is a quick guide for the easy retrofitting of an ISOfix bracket to a Ford Focus Mk1, in this case, a 2003 model. The ISOfix has been fitted to the near side (passenger side) in the case of this guide. What do you need? To complete this fit, you will need the following: Ford ISOfix bracket T40 Torx/Star drive (male socket) T50 Torx/Star drive (male socket) The Ford ISOfix bracket is available from Ford dealers at a cost of around £16. You will be told they don’t exist for the Mk1 and the part is for the Mk2. It does however fit. The following image shows the part number on the bag. The bag will contain the ISOfix bracket, two T50 torx/star screws and two plastic ISOfix seat guides Step 1 - Decide where the bracket is going. There are mounting points to both the rear of the left and the right seats (not the middle). Pull up the base of the seat on your chosen side. Step 2 - Removing the rear seat The fitting of the ISOfix is much easier if you remove the back section of the rear seat on your chosen side of the car. Fold down the rear seat. The rear seat can be removed by releasing four screws (which connect to a hidden mounting plate). There are two screws in each corner of the seat base. You will need a T40 Torx/Star drive (male socket) to release these screws. Once the four screws have been removed, the seat back can be slid (not pulled) from the mounting plates. Step 3. - Removing mounting hole gromits Once the seat back is removed, you will be presented with the car base and two black gromits (see image below), These are the ISOfix bracket mounting points. To make room to work with, carefully move the seat beyond the seat belt buckle connector as shown below. This holds the seat out of the way. Using a flat head screwdriver, carefully prise the gromits from their position. Step 4 - Mounting the ISOfix bracket Take the mounting bracket and T50 screws from their packaging Offer the ISO bracket to the correct position, by lining up the ISOfix bracket screw holes to the screw holes in the bodywork Note that the square hoops of the ISOfix bracket should be at the bottom. Screw in the T50 screws using a T40 Torx/Star drive (male socket) until tight. Once fixed, give the bracket a tug to ensure it's tight to the bodywork. Step 5 - Reinstalling the seat Gently bring the seat back over the seat belt buckle connector and offer the four screw holes back onto the seat mounting plate. The mounting plate rotates, so ensure they line up before you pick the seat up. Line up the screw holes and fix with a T40 Torx/Star drive (male socket) until tight. Push the seat back to it's reclined position until you hear a click, and pull the seat base back down and you are almost done. Step 6 - Installing the ISOfix base guides The black ISOfix base guides are used to both help you, and protect your upholstery when installing and removing your ISOfix base. The Ford supplied guides simply hook on top the square loop of the ISOfix bracket. You will need to push hard against the upholstery to get the guide to hook it on. Be aware that you will need to remove these if you drop the back seats when transporting large items. The Ford supplied ISOfix base guides appear much more robust than the ones supplied with my ISOfix seat base (Maxi-Cosi Easyfix). The seat supplied guides just pop off as soon as they area attached, where as the Ford supplied remain intact. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this guide is of use to some people looking to retrofit ISOfix to a Ford Focus Mk1 All things considered....................This is a simple 20 minute DIY job with the correct tools. Craig.
  11. Quick Hello

    I thought I would say a quick hello I will be making a transition from a Fiesta Zetec S to a Focus Zetec today, so said my goodbyes on the Fiesta board, and saying hello on the Focus board.
  12. Hi folks Well, today I will say good bye to the Fiesta Zetec S. Overall i'ts been a great little car, but alas I now need 5 doors. I will welcome in a Focus Zetec so its not all bad (although I would be happier with a Focus ST). A quick thanks to all those that helped out with any questions I had over my 4 year, two Fiesta ownership. Enjoy your Fezza's
  13. 2013 Fiesta - Engine Malfunction???

    Had the same with my first Fiesta (2009). Quite often go an Engine Malfunction error. Never left a code though and the dealer never solved it.
  14. Clunk In Steering When Turning ?

    My 60 plate Zetec S was in for the same issue a couple of weeks back. When parking, or steering at low speed, I would get a knocking noise from the steering (not from the wheel but more in the depths) The Dealer knew what it was as soon as I started talking. They just replaced my steering column. All under warranty and no questions asked. Don't be messed about by your dealer. It's a known issue to Ford and will be done under warranty.
  15. Fiesta 2010 (Mk7) Steering Knocking

    Bottom end of steering column replaced due to a dry joint. All done under warranty no questions asked. All seems to be OK now.