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  1. Hi all, this is an unusual problem on my ford bantam. Every morning it is very difficult to start. When activating the starter the relay comes in for a split second then drops out. If I remove the relay and short out the contacts to the starter, the starter engages but the engine will not fire. I check for spark and the spark is present. The earth on the start relay is present for a short duration when operating the start on the key. After a while I fiddle around with all the connections in the engine compartment and low and behold the car starts and everything works fine? During the day I have no problems. I am suspecting that the PTM may be messing around? If anyone could advise me I would be very grateful. Many Thanks, Roanantelope/Katanino.
  2. Hi all, I have owned three Fords. A Corsair back in the 1960,s a sapphire around the 90,s and my most recent car a 2008 Ford Fiesta. Its in excellent condition with only 65000 km's on the clock. So I am hoping that this is going to last until I retire. Regards, roanantelope.

  3. Hi Fiesta experts, I recently bought a 2008 Ford Fiesta which is in excellent condition. The problem is that I have to go through security gates several times a day. This involves security opening my hatchback door every time I pass the gates. My dash board button does not work and I have to switch off the engine, remove the key and open the door manually. Is there some way I can check to see why the dash switch is not working. I am am a qualified electronics engineer so if I knew the circuit I am sure I could solve the problem. Can someone please help! Katanino.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums katanino :)

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