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  1. How much more fun is the St to Zetec-s

    Thanks a lot guys , I feel a bit better now looking at an st at 50 yrs of age lol. Always see a 66 plate blue st on the morning run to work and must say it looks smart. Strangely enough I was looking at insurance comparisons today and a 16 plate st comes out the same as a 14 plate Astra Vxr ! About £280-300 fully comp. sensible head on I,ll go for the st.
  2. How much more fun is the St to Zetec-s

    Blimey I thought I was the oldest member on here ! Nice to hear there are older members that drive nippy fiestas. some very valid points all round, thanks guys. I've heard the ride is on the firm side but as thaifiesta said the fun factor will make up for this. Roll on the weekend !
  3. Evening all, As title suggests I,m in the market for an st or 140 st-line / Zetec s.Before I head off to the dealerships to test drive I would like your valued opinions on the st or st line / Zetec s 140. Insurance and running costs arnt a problem now as my title name sort of gives away my age ! Yes I am far too old for one of these but what the hell. I traded in a 100 ecoboost last year for a Astra k 1.0 but change in circumstances means I no longer need a 5 door medium hatch and also would like to return to ford. There seems quite a jump in price between the 2 but I,m looking around a 16 plate. I have seen 140,s on dealership websites and they seem good value for money against I suppose probably the best small hothatch st . How many 140 owners wished they stepped up to the st? Not a position I want to get myself in later..changing cars has cost me a small fortune in the past.should I just go for it is the question. Thanks all.
  4. More expensive petrol?

    Exactly the same as my 1.0 eco boost. Engine slightly quieter but response is worse.i now stick with shell v max , better acceleration and mpg.
  5. Footwell lights

    Great help , many thanks will give them a go..cheers
  6. Footwell lights

    Those footwell lights look better than mine , I have put blue bulbs in but just leaves a round circle about 8inches wide on carpet mats , yours look to light up the complete footwell..which bulbs did you use.
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PERFORMANCE-CHIP-TUNING-BOX-FORD-FIESTA-1-0-ECOBOOST-1-25-1-6-ST-1-4-TDCi-/122049233940?fits=Model%3AFiesta|Cars+Type%3A1.0+EcoBoost&hash=item1c6ab38414:g:DZEAAOSwgY9Xe6FV evening guys, any thoughts on above tuning box for the fiesta 1.0 100ps. Seen these a few times and wondered if anyone has had any experience of them. Obviously a remap better but as I change my car every 18 months curious on above.
  8. Hi from basingstoke

    hi joe, welcome mate , not in basingstoke but same county lol...ringwood.
  9. Will I notice the power difference?

    Sounds good , was it the bluefin you installed , if so how easy to do ?
  10. Buying a used Ford Fiesta ST

    Difficult to say without looking at it , my ecoboost has rust on discs when left over night after a car wash. soon goes after driving so probably car has stood still for a short time only.
  11. Interior Footwell lights (HELP!)

    yep just put the bulbs in , thats a bonus you have the sockets already there.just make sure the wiring is in tact.
  12. Interior Footwell lights (HELP!)

    yep thats it , its just a push in blue bulb i put in , you may well have the sockets then.
  13. New fiesta (whats on is as standard)

    hi jace , was it the n/a or turbo engine you drove (should be turbo badge right rr tailgate) ? all the n/a are poor but vauxhall do sell them in huge numbers. its the 1st year in over 20 years i changed from vauxhall to ford and i dont regret it one bit..the ecoboost is miles ahead.
  14. Interior Footwell lights (HELP!)

    hi, just put blue bulbs in my zetec 2015. ok not the most exciting mod but different. should see a small round hole underneath both footwells , you may well just be missing the bulbs but doublecheck.
  15. New fiesta (whats on is as standard)

    have you driven a corsa or 208 ? way behind the fiesta in handling etc so swings and roundabouts. just before buying my ecoboost 2 weeks ago i looked at the corsa (had astra,corsa 20 yrs) but they fall down in the engine dept .still using old 1.2 / 1.4 n/a engines that are soooooo slow. the turbos are ok but still behind rivals. french - forget it !