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  1. I am looking to replace the head unit of my 2007 S Max but I am struggling to find a nice double din stereo which has red back lights/features to match the rest of the car. All units I am finding are blue (or very ugly). I am preferably looking for a touchscreen, has anyone replaced theirs and if so with which unit? Any suggestions or experience would be gratefully received... Thanks in advance
  2. Is Cruise Control Standard On An S Max Titanium

    Thanks Gregers, No I don't have the book, not sure if the garage have left it out by mistake or it isn't with the car. I do have the controls on the steering wheel though. Just not sure if I am activating it properly. How do you switch it on? Thanks Paul
  3. Hello all, I have just bought my first ford!! I have bought a 56 plate S-max Titanium. I want to know if it comes with cruise control. I can see on the steering wheel a button which has a speedometer on it (left hand side) but when I press it nothing happens? Am I working it incorrectly or is something wrong? I thought that it would be standard on all titaniums or am I wrong? Again! A swift reply would be much appreciated as if it should have cruise control then I need to return to garage asap tomorrow to get it sorted. Many thanks in advance
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Tubateacher :)

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