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  1. Been a while since I visited... Question. Since some yobs who thought they'd use the wing mirrors of our 05 Mk2 focus as footballs, we now need to replace. I have found driver and passenger replacements. However I have seen some with indicators. Will these work on our car? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hello. Thank you for the replies. I have checked the seals and can't see anything suspect. Scratching my head.
  3. Merry Christmas to you ALL!! Been a while since posting on here so please forgive my lack of presence. OK, our trusted ford focus mk 2 is getting moisture in the rear footwell and boot. Had a shufty about and can't see holes or rust. Thinking seals? Throwing it out there to see what'll come back.
  4. @Stoney871 cheers matey. Plus there's' no juddering when setting of or slipping of the clutch.
  5. What is the life span for a clutch? Been told ours is on the way out. Car only has 38,000 miles on the clock and only used for school runs etc, nothing major. This is the same mechanic who forgot to add the mod kit to the power steering pump (he wasn't aware he said).....
  6. It was fixed, then we noticed leaking still. Returned to the garage and told they'd not fitted a mod kit with the pump..... so, back this week and it;ll be fixed FOC.
  7. Happened to me: The heated windscreen can fail on one side either its a simple fuse issue to which there are 2 1 for each side or some cars under the scuttle panel have the electrical ribbon loose which gets rubbed by the wipers when in motion causing it to fail. Power steering hose just behind the radiator and at the join to the pump are prone to leaks from corrosion recommend every 6 months applying grease to the area such as vaseline to prevent this.
  8. I find most mechanics disturbing.
  9. It was the pump...replaced. £300.
  10. Could be the O ring...thats the news. Will update. Exciting stuff here.....
  11. Indeed it is. A nightmare. Been on going for a while.... booked in again tomorrow.
  12. Well, the saga continues.... Car in the garage, and they can't suss out where the leak is coming from. Been told it'll cost £140 just to strip the engine and locate the leak. Bank balance - drip drip drip.......
  13. Looking like a sign is being made warning of 'those' tailgaters that they are being fillumed.
  14. Just wish other drivers had that mentality, and not being up our !Removed!. And yes, you could say that :)