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  1. Ford Fest Santapod 2015

    I'm hoping to go! I'm also going to Fast show at Santa pod in 2 weeks time :)
  2. Mindless trouser banter #bottom

  3. "It ain't stealing if you take it fast"

  4. Brass monkey! That funky monkey! ...Thats my drink.. #beastieboys

  5. The only stuff I want to sell is worthless...

  6. Yay! This time next week I will be at @haven #Devoncliffs Better practice my party dances to impress the @FunStarsGoLive :D

  7. RT @antijokeapple: Pizza burnt the inside of my mouth and I don't understand why the things I love most keep hurting me

  8. I logged on while logging! oh haha #lol #OMG #so #!Removed! #bored #peace

  9. Japshow Finale

    Just wondering if anyone from here is going to Japshow finale at Santa Pod in a couple of weeks time? Obviously I know Fords are not Jap but Im a lover of all cars lol ;)
  10. No its a 1.8 petrol. I knew it would gain next to nothing power wise, I just wanted a bit more noise :)
  11. Squeak

    Today it did squeak when I wobbled it and then I realised it sounds a lot like my bed lol Guessing its the springs (on both) but I don't know much about that sort of thing
  12. Hi All.........😁

    Hi, nice fiesta and sounds good what you are doing :)