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    Awesome, Im glad your sorted buddy, and yes that Mic is a much better solution than hacking the headlining out. :D
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    heres a pic of the loom from elsewhere off this forum which shows what your looking for, just follow from the bluetooth end
  3. Ids

    Maybe there isn't one there, ford do stuff like that, but as you have another loom you have no problems. The two wires came directly out of the back of your usb module, start there, does your car / spare loom have back and yellow coming out of the bluetooth plug ? Are they the same ?
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    The Mic I use is out of a late mk6 Fiesta st / zetec s. I also believe you will find the same microphone in some Fusion MK1's and transits/connects after 2006 6S6T-19A391-BB Much better than cutting a hole in your headlining !
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    Enjoy your new settings mate! :D
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    Tomorrow morning ok for you ? I'll message you my details
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    HI Anthony, Ive just worked out if you just want bluetooth and usb switching on that can be done within IDS without a modified ISBUILD file so you won't need that file of Nath (Sorry Nath) - Thats only needed to activate Cruise control and you not after that. I can do you bluetooth / usb when ever you want buddy (-:
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    Hi. Yes Im still working on manipulating asbuilt files - can't do that bit myself yet. Speak with Nath about getting your modified file, he will be expecting you - I can apply it for you just about when ever you want.
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    Hi Buddy. Yep Ive got the kit, I just did the same update thanks to help from nath@nath.so Im in Washington. (-:
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums footycards.com :)

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