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  1. just the start

    my mods
  2. DSC 0034

    From the album just the start

  3. DSC 0033

    From the album just the start

  4. DSC 0021

    From the album just the start

  5. Modifications

    Iv'e seen and heard all the hi's and lows about induction kits the fact is the mid range one i fitted promised 5BHP increase but i got an increase of 2BHP but also got an increase of 4MPG and as you are on a budget an increase in economy should sound good i will post some pics of my new induction kit soon maybe the smooth pipe i fitted helped as i has less resistance than the standard pipe
  6. Modifications

    If you go for an induction kit don't forget the cold air feed and a good low cost mod carbon fibre rap the centre console
  7. DSC 0021

    From the album My mods

  8. My mods

    Start of my mods
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