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  1. Oh ffs! Now my pc has packed up. No power swapped leads still no power. Unit it plugs into shows signs of blackening and melting around the base of the neutral pin. Any ideas ?

  2. Ford Galaxy Auxiliary Belt

    Hi guys, I have a V reg 2.3 petrol Ford Galaxy. A couple of weeks ago my air con failed and was accompanied by a smell of burning plastic. Since then on idling the car has been making a grinding / rubbing noise, coming from the alternator and auxiliary pulley system. Today the ignition light came on and power steering failed, on checking the belt had snapped and looks like its been through a shredder. I'm not sure if the belt has been causing the problem or if the problem has shredded the belt. Any ideas on the book time for changing a belt tensioner on this vehicle - hope its just a tensioner and not one of the pumps or alternator :(
  3. URGENTAnyone know if the timing belt is on the same belt as the air con, alternator and power steering. Its a v reg Galaxy 2.3

  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Tafflaff :)

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