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  1. Hi all, I thought I would post up my first real modification to my Escort in the hope of making it more 'track ready' in the near future ^_^ Induction Kit Exhaust muffler Stickers :D What do we think, I know it's nothing special. any advice would be great or any ideas :) (did I do the induction kit 100% correct?)
  2. Yes, I can presume experience and knowledge from others can come in handy :)
  3. Wouldn't it be best in this bit of the forum?
  4. WhAt!? Just £2.5k! :o Wow! Amazed that's all it's going to cost
  5. But the stress is so worth it ;) amazed it hasn't cost much, looked like an expensive project. But very interesting and can't wait to see the finished product :D
  6. Whoa! I see you have got a bit to go ;) You'll have to show everyone a before and after picture of the paint job :) I'm amazed how much your doing to it, but it sounds like your enjoying it :D
  7. What left have you got to do?
  8. Wow! This Escorts come quite far. Well done mate, it's looks like it's going really well :D
  9. Wow! You know your stuff Gonna get an induction kit defiantly along with the other stuff you said, never thought about doing a Terraclean service but sounds like a great idea Do you know any services which can make a custom exhaust? But yeah I can get most these done :) Big thankyou this really helps :D
  10. Yes, I only really got this for trackday use cause it was cheap So nothing big to it. The minimum you need is just A car (did first when it was stock). Cheers for the advice though,appreciate it. I will see to getting round some of these :) I tried looking for exhausts, any advice on what to look for, as I can only find stock ones. Do you have a track car?
  11. Hello Jack.