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  1. Hi there! So my name is Luke. A little about me, im from Stockton-on-tees in north east England. I've owned 2 fords so far both focus's. My first was a mk2 3dr zetec 1.6 ti-vct which was a great car. I left it standard except for a sony 6cd player. I loved that focus so much I decided to buy another on which is a mk2.5 titanium 2.0 tdci. For me the spec of this car is great. It has leather interior, Xenon lights, privacy glass, dual zone climate control to name a few. It feels very posh to me :) . I discovered the owners club because I was looking online for little things to do to my car like a remap as its a diesel. After looking at the website I decided to join because there is a huge amount of knowledge on here. I have a few plans for my car like a remap and change the standard wheels as im not to keen on them but apart from that not much else.
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums lukey-t :)

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