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  1. Is it blow by? I inspected it after 50 km drive and it's still there? I'm really tensed. EMI s are still remaining for five years.
  2. Friends, I am attaching a video of my 30,000 kms run Ford TDCi . It's emitting smoke from engine oil inlet and from dipstick funnel. Is this normal blowby with TDCi engines? Checked in few other cars with TDCi engines and found some emitting smoke but in some it's not. According to Ford Authorized Service Center it's common and normal. But i'm not convinced. Is it the injector seal worn problem or Blowby due to worn piston rings ? There's no excess oil consumption,reduction in pick up and fuel efficiency. Kindly help with this. The Extended warranty is valid only for few months. Any Serious problems.? Kindly enlighten.
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