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  1. Happy Birthday robbyt!

  2. Heater control knob Rheostat cicuit broken Mk4 fiesta As above, my heater is not working correctly it will not change from Hot to cold when I turn the Dial. I know through testing (and having had to renew it recently) that it is not the Heater Control Valve. I have been told, by a good mechanic friend who looked into, it that it's the rheostat. The part behind the Heater temperature knob. Ford only sell the whole Console and they start at about £100 for the basic one (which mine is). I have had it apart and it is possible to change the Circuit board inside the console. Does anyone know of the best solution? Can I get a circuit board from another Ford? Does anywhere sell the Boards minus the whole console? Any help hugely appreciated. Many thanks. Rob
  3. Nice looking Fiesta man.
  4. Welcome Mattie. Fiestas Rock !Removed!!
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  6. welcome FocusMarsh and Heidi. Love the Focus Marsh!! Looks awesome.
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  9. Hey Chaplin. Sr-performance is right, Those engines are bulletproof. Many happy years together. :) Rob
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