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  1. Yeah its a really small torx head, must me something like a T20 star bit. Will need to find replacement screw as well.
  2. Buy Turtle Wax Colour Magic. It comes with a free wax chapstick that you fill in scratches with. Get the one that matches the colour of your car & clean the scratched area, use a bit of rubbing compound to blend the surface & dab & rub a bit of T Cut then use a microfiber cloth to clean it up a bit. Do it on the dark marks as well as the rubbing compound will help remove them. Fill in the scratch with the chapstick (get in as deep as you can go) & make sure it fills in all of the scratch thoroughly. Wipe the slight excess around the scratch off with a microfiber, but try not to wipe the chapstick wax out of the scratch. Give it all a good wash & then use the Turtle Wax to finish. Had my car keyed from headlight to fuel cap all the way down to the metal so learnt a few ways to bring out the scratches. Eventually had a guy I knew at Ford respray but I digress.
  3. The screw that holds the cover of my cabin filter housing has had the head chewed up pretty bad and I can't unscrew it to change the cabin filter. Any suggestions on how I can get it off/out?
  4. I had a letter early this year & it went in for the service. About 3 months later I had another recall notice basically saying the parts they fitted the first recall went up to scratch.
  5. I think it'll likely be the fix; fitted the same LED's in my sidelights & they didn't work. Removed the headlight again & turned them around & it worked. Gonna try the footwells after work.
  6. My footwell lights work perfectly fine with halogen bulbs but won't work with any LED I've tried? I've bought 8 quid bulbs, I've bought 2 quid bulbs, still nothing?
  7. A while ago I made custom badges for the front & rear of my MK7 from Heko (domedbadges.co.uk). They are great quality but the rear badge has fallen off & I'm struggling to find ANY ordering avenues for replacements. The Heko creator seems to be down & everywhere else is selling pairs that are the same size & obviously I need a smaller badge for the rear. Other sites I've found either only have badges for the facelift (mines pre-facelift) or only for the front. I e-mailed Ryan (gelbadges@gmail.co.uk) & am still waiting a reply & wanted to know of any other channels to order through in the meantime.
  8. Happy Birthday jakeeehh!

  9. Has anybody ordered any through domedbadge.co.uk? I've ordered some and I've been waiting over a week. They've taken the payment but no confirmation email?
  10. chrome time restorer sounds more like what I'm after. the stuff I've been recommended leaves a faint residue that's a pain to clear up.
  11. was wondering what is the best product to use to clean the chrome that runs under the windows/boot/lower front grill? cleans up nice enough but can hold it's shine.
  12. Idk, I'm trying to find out as much about them as I can (pros-cons ect) before I buy & why some people frown upon extended studs?
  13. Prices, links or part numbers?
  14. I wanna install wheel spacers all round but I don't know which ones to choose brand/size/ect.. I have 15" rims on my 2011 MK7 & I want 15mm atleast, maybe even 20mm. I've heard to stay away from extended stud ones & to always get ones that are hub centric. Suggestions?
  15. I don't know, I wasn't looking into the key switch.. Just ring Ford & quote a part number.