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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking at buyin a Escort GTI in the next 3-4 weeks, what I want to know, is what I would be expected to pay for a nice 2 door black one? Also, how good are these cars?
  2. Wierd Noise, Where From?

    Hi guys, my dads 1.4 02 focus lx has aquired a wierd noise. Whilst driving, when you get to 4k revs in all gears you hear a high whine/rumble which sounds like a rev limiter, you can also feel a slight vibration. Up til 4k its fine, nice and smooth. With the car standing still, take the revs upto 4k and over, and theres no whine/rumble at all....any ideas as to what it could be? My guess is a bearing, but which bearing, wheel, gearbox etc....?
  3. Wierd Noise, Where From?

    funny you should say that, my dads car has just had a replacement engine fitted (head problem) and now sounds like same fault...what did you do to sort it? Anything I can check/look for? Cheers for that reply....
  4. Engine Swop....?

    I need a 1.4 zetec se engine for my dads 02 focus. We found a breakers with a 1.4 zetec se engine that came out of a 03 fusion, they said it should go straight in, does anyone know if it wil?
  5. Engine Swop....?

    we found a engine in a local breakers, said it came off a fusion with rear damage, so engine is good....had it fitted today, had to change a few bits, manifold etc, and clutch and flywheel....engine WONT turn over, the didnt try before fitting it! Removed spark plugs and were rusty, also water in cylinders, so prob got very wet where its been standing? They tried even towing it and trying to free it up that way, no joy! Seems completely seized due to water. Anyone aware of this type of prob? Gona get them to replace the engine.
  6. found a local garage which had just had a R reg red escort GTI in. Went to look at it he wanted £1200 for it, got him down to £1100. It has 25000 (must be 125000) on clock, mot til october. Body work is mint, totally standard everything, 2 owners from new. I can see welding been done on underneath sill area, engine no signs of leaks. When i rev it the revs drop down low then come back up to idle, is that idle control valve needs cleaning? Theres a little ticking/ratteling noise now and again which he said is the cat, does that sound common? He said because its a R reg they aint needed for mot's, is that correct? Its local so no traveling needed to buy one now, which i was going to have to do to get one. What you guys think?
  7. Deposit Paid, Gti, Thoughts Please...

    i cant remember if it had the heated front screen. Do they all come with the heated front screen as standard?
  8. Deposit Paid, Gti, Thoughts Please...

    yeh it has had welding on the rear chassis legs from what i can see. I was very impressead with how good the arches are, and the rest of the body work, and also sitting in them front seats, they hold you very tight...one thing i noticed is no remote central locking? 2 key, 1 red and 1 black..always worry a bit when buying a car of this age..wil get timing belt done and a full service as soon as i get it...any idea on what a cat costs for these?
  9. Which Multispoke?

    Which 17" multispoke wheels look like OZ super turismo wil fit Y reg focus? Been looking for a nice set of multispoke but cannot get away from OZ turismo...but they are to expensive. Anyone know of another brand that do multispoke like the OZ? Team dynamics do the monza, but i want the spokes completely straight/flat, team dynamics sort of bend in at the end of the spokes..just me being fussy, but its what I am after....
  10. Which Multispoke?

    what about 17" 5 spoke wheels, anyone know of any nice ones?
  11. Focus:what wheels & how low?

    After some nice 17" alloys for silver 2000 focus zetec, I like the OZ turismo (multispoke) but £480 without tyres is to expensive. Anyone know for them cheaper, or a different brand with the same style, the ST 170 I like aswel, dont like the hyper colour, has to be the standard silver colour... How low can you go with 17s on there, I would be happy with 25mm...
  12. Buying Gti, Advice/info Please....

    I have been looking on ebay, autotrader and adtrader and there have been a few nice ones out there, I do like the red and the white ones. Does the red fade much? White does highlight rust spots tho, alot of the ones I have looked at have had or need some money spent on them on suspension, bushes clutch etc which just highlights the age of the gti's......which is slightly off putting. Anyone know of any MINT ones out there?
  13. Buying Gti, Advice/info Please....

    Cheers, always good to hear off someone who knows..where would be the best place to look for one? There is a nice S reg black one on eBay but is a 4 door, and personaly I dont like them as much as the 2 door. He has said the rear arches have been replaced (mort prob due to rust)....are there that many good ones out there?
  14. Bent valves=smoke?

    My dad is having problems after a attempt to have a timing belt replacement (off a retired mech). It is tapping, smoking and slightly down on power, a garage has advised him to replace the head after he checked it and the timing was 2 teeth out. So my dad got a re-conned head and ready to fit on. Its going to a garage this week, but is hoping nothing major in bottom end is damaged etc, just the valves? Would a bent valve make it smoke? Hoping this re-conned head wil sort it?
  15. Bent valves=smoke?

    yeh think it needs to go to ford to establish whats wrong and what needs to be done, what wil they actually do at the garage, wil it be a diagnostic plug in and that wil give answers? Any idea what ford chargd for a diagnostics? I borrowed my mates code reader today and it picked up 2 faults, one was P1289 which I beleive was from the head temp sensor that got accidentaly unpluged and put the management light on, the second was P0172 which say too rich bank 1? Is that a 02 sensor? Spark plugs, all were black and had wet threads, 2 were wet on the electrodes, why? Put fresh plugs in and run it, driving behind my dad and smoking slightly and strong fuel smeling, also smelt of rotten eggs and fireworks? Garage is now only way to go, just trying to get an understanding of possibilities etc..
  16. Bent valves=smoke?

    *UPDATE* Changed the pipe that I mentioned in the previous posts, which infact was a emissions pipe (3 piece pipe with a t section in it) that is behind the inlet manifold, and it made it run alot worse, (car was running ok in the morning and hardly any smoke) now bellowing out with whiteish smoke and revs dropped down enough twice which made it cut out....idles is stil lumpy, as we thought this pipe that had gone soft would cure the lumpy idle? There was a white car parked behind my dads and had a black patch on it from my dads smoking exhaust, the black on the white car smelt like fireworks and was like a sooty texture? Would this be a sign of running rich? i.e a sensor down? Next step I think is a diagnostics plug in...
  17. Bent valves=smoke?

    TBH I dont know much about the smoke, my dad didnt have the car back until late so cant realy say yet? Just the mech said it was smoking, but as you say, might be a build up of what was getting through into the cat while it was running poor? The car was running great before it went to have all this problems, so dont see how we have ring issues. How do the oil seals on the piston leak, is it just due to wear? Would a compression test highlight this, i have a gauge there so wil try on weekend, and change the breather pipe. The garage identified 2 valves that had been replaced, so he had bent 2 and tried covering it up!
  18. Bent valves=smoke?

    ok, update. My dad has had the car back after a garage replaced the head with the reconned one we bought. Car is running very quiet but smoking, a whiteish smoke my dad says (i havnt seen it), why? The mech who changed the heads over said the pistons are nice and tight and seem good. Why the smoke? He said it could be a ring, would a compression test show that? Another mech in the garage said the oil breather pipe behind the manifold is squashed and could be the reason, replace it and see, only a genuine ford part he said? What you guys think of any of this?
  19. Bent valves=smoke?

    Yeh I did go back to the retired mech to say we think the buckets are in the wrong order and possibly need changing back, but he said he didnt know how to do them.....he gave us all the money back that we gave him, but he did not tel us of any mistakes he has made. The car is at the garage now and wil hopefuly be worked on tomorrow. First thing a mech from the garage said was it sounds like tappets and he has more than likely mixed them all up, fingers crossed its that simple and all wil be fixed with this reconned head, hopefully
  20. Bent valves=smoke?

    ok lets start again. Took my dads 02 1.4 focus to a friend (retired mech) to have timing belt replaced. Guy rang next day and said we got problems and the hg was leaking, he said it was rusty and showing signs of leaks, as you said, dont know how he would know that by doing timing belt? Anyway, had it skimmed and gasket replaced. We now think he timmed it up wrong and bent a valve and used hg as a excuse to get head off and replace valve/s? We had it back and it was tapping and underpower, (car was mint going in and running perfect), he said give it a week or 2 and it wil quieten down when the hyd tappets fil up with oil, i done some searching and found that it has shimmed tappets and it would not quieten down. So took it a local garage (a guy i was in school with) and he said timming was 2 teeth out, adjusued it and it is slightly quieter and stil smoking (white). He thinks the guy doing the belt removed the shim buckets when head was off and refitted them in a different order to what they came out and now need adjusting which is massively time consuming. So my dad got a fuly reconned head to fit on and hopefully wil fix it and hopefuly nothing damaged down bottom? What you think now? The car runs but smokes white, slightly underpower and very poor on fuel, he hasnt realy used the car since having it back but got 15 miles to £20 of petrol, possibly caused by valves not closing correctly at correct times due to wrong buckets in wrong places??
  21. Bent valves=smoke?

    we took it to a garage and he said it was 2 teeth out and so adjusted it in, then it was stil smoking? When timing belt was being done the guy rang and said hg was on its way out/gone, so had it skimed and new gasket fitted. So we think he took shim buckets out and fitted back in wrong order= tapping, need adjusting? Why would it smoke though, smoke from burning oil? But how/why?
  22. Focus cylinder head help...

    My dad needs to get a reconditioned cylinder head for his 02 focus, its a 1.4 16v zetec se type. I found a reconed head on ebay but had been sold when i rang, this was a head exchange sale. I spoke to a company that recon heads and the guy said there are so many variants in the 1.4 and 1.6 heads that they do not sel them, they recon your own head. Can anyone clarify what i need to know and look for to ensure i get the correct head, or recommend a company to recon our cylinder head? The one currently on our car has 12 bolts through the rocker cover (been told to check how many bolts are there)...
  23. with the trouble my dad is having with tappets on his focus, he been told quickest and cheapest way to fix it is get a replacement head. Does anyone know of any good cylinder heads for sale for this focus, 02 1.4, or best place to get one?
  24. Hi guys, gonna have a go at adjusting the shimmed tappets on my dads 02 1.4 focus. Never done it before but spoke to a few people and gathered a little info, and doesnt sound to hard just time consuming. What i understand is the gap between the top of the valves (shim buckets) and the lobe needs to be set, got sizes at 0.20mm inlet and 0.30mm exhaust. How hard are the shims to remove from the buckets? Is there a special tool for it? A few people have said it can be done by removing rocker cover and prehaps loosening the cams for access, can it be done without removing the cambelt? So does anyone have a step by step procedure for it? The impression i got for this is, rocker cover off, rotate engine to get lobe at tdc then measure gap, and adjust with shim for required gap, this for each valve, inlet and exhaust, does that sound correct? 3 garages have turned the work away saying i wouldnt pay them enough due to the time invovled, so i wouldnt mind trying it. Iam very mechanical minded, and a time served toolmaker, so think iam capable, so anyone have good info to help us with this?
  25. Hi, guys. My father took his 02 1.4 focus (either a ghia or zetec aint sure off top off my head) to a guy i know who is a retired mechanic to have timing belt and tensioner replaced. Car went in running very quiet but prehaps a little sluggish. The guy rang me and said the HG is showing signs of leaking, so best to do that,which includes a skim. Ok told him to do it and 3 days later (dont work weekends) had it back, sounds really knocky and under power! The guy said the noise wil go when the hydraulic tappets fil with oil? Just phoned a premium number for a ford helpline and the guy said this engine does NOT have hydraulic tappets but shim set tappets and should NEVER skim there heads....he thinks that the tappets need setting to cure the knocking? Anyone able to give advice on what is correct here, i.e hydraulic tappets or not? Shound not skim these heads os you can? Also how hard is it to set these tappets? Cheers