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  1. If you connect the yellow and red cable from the headunit into the the larger connector as in the diagram in the top right of your third picture it will work I dependant if the ignition switch but, you will have to remember to turn the headunit off or you will have a flat battery.
  2. Ford call it Rock metallic grey, don't think there is a paint code for it as it gets asked for a lot from ST owners when they've Kerbed their alloys, same thing for the lighter rado grey. A good refurber or bodyshop should be able to match it, I had my OZ wheels refurbed in what they called Ford ST chrome, it's pretty close to rado grey but might be too light for what you want.
  3. It will take less than half an hour, I got charged £10 although I was having the catback fitted at the same time. on the STOC forum stoneacre ford supply and fit it for £160 so £20 fitting. only difference having it done by a garage is you have proof is was installed correctly (in theory lol)
  4. No I've just got a ST3, that's the standard exhaust. Over a "normal" ST3 the 200 has obviously more power, a different final drive in the gearbox, grey paint, black wheels, black seats (love these), silver trim on the font seatbelts, "200" badges on the inside and boot lid. Red calipers and light up sills as standard.
  5. Apart from a very slight vibration at idle when the AC is on its all good, cars smoother to drive when changing gear, feels like it's putting the power down better. yes it's declared, I'm with greenlight so pretty much all Mountune upgrades are free with them.
  6. The ST200 still uses a OE paper filter not a K&N type panel so it's probably that. i fitted a 200 airbox and K&N to mine before it went back as I wanted to keep the Mountune box, car made the same noises.
  7. Sounds more like this replacement grill he's after
  8. Fiestas don't have heated washer jets, your focus will have mist jets, fiestas just have 2jets of water so the mist gives better coverage.
  9. Unfortunately they only sell the trim with the steering wheel which is a pain, I wrapped my last one which was ok but not as good as the OE finish. the vents are about £25, I've got the part number somewhere.
  10. It does look good when done, you also need the airbag light trim 1803487. You can get gloss black air vents from a mk7 metal edition, I've sent a nav screen surround to PAINTMODZ to be sprayed gloss black.
  11. It's the same cooler, basically the st200 is the same as your old car with the mp215 fitted, if these mods seemed. Worth it on the old car they will have the same effect on the st200. apart from being made of plastic the ST200 airbox is the same as the Mountune box.
  12. Apart from a very slight vibration at idle when the AC is on its all good, cars smoother to drive when changing gear, feels like it's putting the power down better.
  13. No, it's the same.
  14. Superchips like to be a bit misleading, the quoted increase is at the point of the biggest difference between the curves, whereas most tuners will quote the max power or torque they produce, have a look at the power graphs.
  15. Peron, Collins and pumaspeed (max'd) maps can also be swapped using an adapter.