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  1. Sub Install MK7.5

    Either buy a RCA converter that has a remote output on it or, connect it to an ignition switched circuit in the fusebox using a piggyback fuseholder.
  2. New car New bulbs

  3. New car New bulbs

    The shape of the headlights reflector or projector hosing will give it the range and light spread to make the dipped or main beam, some cars it will turn the dipped off when the main beam comes on, some it will have both lamps on.
  4. Need help choosing engine oil, please

    Buy it online then if it's that much cheaper, can't see a litre of oil being that much even from a dealer,
  5. Phone Holders

    Some people use their phone as a sat nav, helps if you can see the phone.
  6. Phone Holders

    Not for a phone but my Mtune is mounted on to a Brodit A pillar mount (they have some for either side of the airbag light also) cable runs behind the door seal then behind the dash.
  7. Fuse

  8. If you could have any car

    It wasn't banned for being too fast, the whole group B catagory was banned due to the amount of fatal accidents, one involving an RS200, speeds and the crowds were getting out of hand.
  9. Floor mats

    Not that I've noticed
  10. Floor mats

    Why would mats designed for a fiesta look out of place in a fiesta? i have them in my ST during the winter
  11. Tyre pressures

    As per the owners manual or the passenger B pillar sticker.
  12. Heated windscreen help

    First of all check the fuse, each side of the screen has its own, there also maybe 2 per side power circuit and control circuit, so check the manually thoroughly for their location. If you don't have a manual Google "ford owners manual" the first hit should be Ford's site for them. if fuses are ok you need to check if the connector on the screen on that side is getting a supply, these are sometimes behind the pillar trim or at the bottom of the screen in the engine bay(sorry, I don't know where it is on your car) if there is a supply then the screen is faulty if no supply it's probably the screen relay which shouldn't cost much from ford.
  13. Every thing between the front badge and the rear badge was an awful design, including the badges.
  14. Most fords I've driven you can change it from 3 to 1 flash in the vehicle settings, if you only want them to flash as long as you want I'm sure latching the stalk on then clicking it off will allow you to do that rather than just gentle pressing the stalk which activates the lane change flashing. some cars just need your style of driving adapting to the car rather than getting angry with it for not working like yo want it to.
  15. The extra power and torque the fiesta ST has along with the lighter weight is probably the reason it's quicker than your focus, not the gearbox