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  1. Pretty much every thread or post saying that a fiesta ST, focus RS or focus ST has been stolen shows a standard car, standard parts or whol cars will be easier to sell on, modified cars are more likely to have extra security, I've still yet to see a post from someone saying their car was stolen when a disklok was used, I have seen mention of OBD locking/moving stopping a car being stolen after it's been broken into. To be fair none of those anti theft devices were much of a deterrent or much use even when they were first launched.
  2. A new one from ford is less than £30 (fini number 1553603) they only come in grey plastic like you have, contact Paintmodz on Facebook they paint a lot of fiesta parts like this. or just send your original one off if it's in good condition.
  3. Or in the case of the fiesta (very common) , go and find another one where the owner doesn't think a disklok is worth using or too inconvenient to use. disklok - best visual deterent going, all it needs to do is make them go and find another car . moving/locking the OBD port - costs nothing to do and stops them plugging their device in easily/quickly. tracker - can help you get your car back, that's if you want it back
  4. Generates more sales for the outgoing model and uses up more parts, bodyshells etc new model hasn't been officially announced so no release date is known, ST version might not be out straight away anyway.
  5. Yes.
  6. Modern cars need more power to move their weight around. XR2 has less than 100bhp but it's power to weight is nearer the mk6 STs than the headline figure is. Less weight makes it more agile etc. ST2s are still keyless start which is where the theft risk comes from, To a thief all cars are keyless entry with a screwdriver or brick.
  7. It shortens the distance you move the lever, nothing else changes. have a look at Willy's thread in the project section, he fitted one.
  8. You would.
  9. Pretty much all mods will affect your premium, check first before buying/fitting anything.
  10. Does the keyless fob transmit anything though, I thought the car detected the presence of the fob when in close proximity to the car, it it was transmitting over any distance someone could press the button on the handle when your nowhere near the car.
  11. Use a disklok as a visible deterent, pop the OBD port out of its mount and either hide it behind the dash or fit it into a small box. to get in they'll just smash the driver's door lock.
  12. Ordered a few bits and had them 2-3 days later, if you want things to arrive quicker order at the beginning of the week not the end when Saturday and Sunday hold things up.
  13. Go to a local sign writers or vehicle wrappers and ask them to make you some, have you looked On DMB graphics, they will do the stripes and may be able to get a colour you want.
  14. Turbo and gearbox no, brakes and suspension yes
  15. I've got a small collection of F1 cars. Ayrton Senna collection, all his F1 cars and others he drove in his career. Latest edition today, Sierra RS cosworth he drove for a magazine feature, keeps it ford related lol.