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  1. There are 2 makes climair or heko, 2 colours clear or tinted and 2 sizes, 3 door or 5 door. somtimes on eBay they advertise the 5 door versions as a 2 piece set and that can confuse , as long as you order the right set for your amount of doors you'll be ok.
  2. There nothing wrong with a cable coming down the roof as long as it's held in place, loop of bracket lashing wire is made into a loop and pushed under the edge of a tile is normal practice, not sure how it could be clipped. Most fitters will be reluctant to put the cable into the loft; A, how does it get to the TV without joining into an existing cable, I'd always run new to get the best signal possible. B, getting into the roof is best by going in at the soffit, which still means coming down the roof, or going in under a tile, which you could make them liable if your roof leaks even if it's not their fault. C, his quote would have been to run the cable from the aerial to the TV, therefore he's going to take the easiest most direct route.
  3. Fitted mine a few days ago, the fit is spot on, they come out easier than the OE units, they are bright but not so much it's too much to see the plate. to take the old ones out I used a small Allen key at more of an angle into the slot for the clip.
  4. I'd contact Mountune or whoever fitted it, did you go MR265 from MR230 or from mp215/standard?
  5. Ford fini number is 1708796 they're about £3 each but are plain textured black plastic. for colour coded as above or just use their Facebook page "paintmodz"
  6. Undo the bolt on that headlight bracket and see if up you can move the light to its correct position, it's broken in a couple of places and has been badly repaired, aslong as the white clip underneath the headlamp is okthe light will stay in position without that bolt.
  7. ??? All fiestas except US ones are built in Germany, doesn't meant the quality is any better, lol.
  8. Without seeing the exhaust how can you say "it should be fine for many more months"? MoT testers will see nearly all exhausts with some corrosion on, this tester's opinion at the time was that it was bad enough to need an advisory, therefore it needs attention before the next MoT, if the car is being used in the current weather, the salt on the road will only make the corrosion worse.
  9. They are fitted to all fiestas with 17" wheels.
  10. The limiters are are a few £ from ford, if it is a issue.
  11. I've had the old and new setups and it isn't that much different. I've read people say it's massively different, I think they just think there is because it's a new setup. Still prefer the ride and handling with the Mountune springs fitted over either OE setup.