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  1. Follow the running in procedure in the manual, oil change is up to you if you want to change it early, I'd say that was too early though.
  2. You don't have to be bothered about the indicators, you don't have to be bothered about anything someone else does to their car. Aslong as you enjoy your car, that's all that matters, let them enjoy theirs. So has your fiesta been as reliable as you thought? IE not very and the new electrical bits failing all the time?
  3. What has the colour of his indicators, when they are off got to do with cutting you up?
  4. Just fit 205/40/17 like all the other fiestas with 17" wheels, the speed error will be small, it's slightly out anyway. Fit then go for a drive with a sat nav displaying the speed and see what the speedo indicates when the sat nav is saying 30, 40, 50 etc, then remember it for when you're driving. All fiestas with 17s from the factory have steering rack limiters which are a few £ from Ford and clip on.
  5. I wasn't recommending them, just thought if he saw pics of cars with similar specs of wheel would show him what they look like. i have 7j et37 on mine which I'm happy with, but would like mountunes 7.5 et45 OZ wheels, don't really like the thought of spacers, stretch tyres or wheel that stick out too much but, it's not my car.
  6. Try a ford dealer for parts 1219059 and 1219060
  7. These are 9" wide et28 but he's got wheel arch extensions to cover them.
  8. 7j wheel with a 35-38 offset should bring them into line with the arch. 7.5j with a 40 offset would aswell if you search for pics of fiestas with XXR 527 alloys on they are 8.25 wide and stick out further, you would need to stretch the tyres to fit. Also look for pics of escort cosworth wheels on a fiesta they are 8 inch wide ET25 but only 16" they also need a slight stretch on the tyre to fit.
  9. No the hose that fit to the MAF sensor are smaller on the 1.0l
  10. It's worth checking the fluid level, although the light vines on and off with the handbrake it's also a warning lamp for the brake system.
  11. No, the easiest thing would be to find another either new from ford or used from eBay, Facebook etc and fit it using new rivets.
  12. It's riveted on, they need to be drilled out, you can get anew one from Ford, or try eBay for someone breaking a ZS
  13. TPMS isn't optional,it's been fitted since about Q2 2014, before that DDS was optional and worked via the ABS sensors,