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  1. People do swap when on pcp deals at 2 & 3 years, ford employees on the privilege scheme can and do swap every 9 months, some people just leak a new car every so often , might save on servicing, mot, tyres etc. my fob is nearly always in my pocket, only take it out to unlock the disklok, you can still use the buttons on the fob to lock, unlock, open the boot etc.
  2. It gets done on fiestas and focus to mimic the front grill of a Mk2 focus RS
  3. Unless you are stood next to the car with the fob it won't open. ive been stood at the driver's door, the misses had her set of keys in her bag (mine were at home), it wouldn't open till she was stood at the door. I've also had the fob in the door pocket and the car wouldn't start as the door was open. Not sure if it was posted on here but have seen a ford picture of the area of range of the entry part of the system, it doesn't extend far from the car, it also detects when the fob is inside the car and won't let you lock the car using the door handle button. from this and other posts it's obvious you like your current car, this new one is a similar power just in a different way and it has a few more features, sounds more like you don't want to part with what you've got so keep it.
  4. As above, my STs have never started with the fob outside the car and need to be standing next to it for it to open. you would need to get used to the power delivery, a short test drive isn't enough, even at the same power the delivery is different NA cars need revving more where the torque of a turbo car is low down.
  5. No, they will pay market value for a similar spec and condition (as in buying price not selling price) if you had just replied the engine that wouldn't matter to them.
  6. It lost some points for not having features like automatic emergency braking, not having a light to tell you if the passenger airbag is on or off, not being able to fit a child seat in the rear etc, at least it has an ncap rating ferraris, lambos, Porsche etc don't and people stil, want to drive them, lol. if you're going to the states and want one, do it, just got back from Florida and had a V6 mustang auto convertible for 2 weeks, perfect for out there, they are so common though as is the Camaro.
  7. The US car has a different shape dash so it wouldn't fit.
  8. Or log off and don't return.
  9. You will need the pieces that go either side of the bumper as well, it would be easier to find a ST bumper for sale and pain it if needed
  10. Yes , I should have said rolling road, get used to people saying dyno instead, doesn't help that's one RR makers have dyno in their name, lol. You could try asking ProAlloy if they know the expected temps and pressures, they make Mountune's intercooler S and pipework etc, Some companies will use results from a test in their advertising (airtec, forge) I don't think Mountune want to be tied down by saying figures that are only obtained from a test in set conditions that may not be seen on a road or track.
  11. rather than use a dyno to get these figures, use a data logging app and OBD adapter, you can see the results you want from using the car on the road where you drive it most. testing as you describe is just value for that test at that time.
  12. Is there a definitive answer? A lot depends on ambient temp, speed all sorts of variables,
  13. You are aware MR165 affects the warranty? it shouldn't be much louder on the outside, the kit doesn't include an exhaust.
  14. You can also buy a used ST back box and fit that, look in the project section for Willy's ecoboost thread he fitted the ST diffuser and back box.
  15. There are 2 makes climair or heko, 2 colours clear or tinted and 2 sizes, 3 door or 5 door. somtimes on eBay they advertise the 5 door versions as a 2 piece set and that can confuse , as long as you order the right set for your amount of doors you'll be ok.