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  1. It's part of the bracket that holds the bumper on, it's riveted to the car, it might be cracked or one of the fixings come loose, they are about £15 from ford
  2. There's all sorts you could do, ZS bumpers, skirts, spoiler, Asian or zunsport grills, wrap the roof and mirrors, lower it, bonnet vents, splitter, de-chrome it. have a look for mk7s in the project thread section for ideas.
  3. The wastegate is normally closed, it opens when the boost pressure reaches a set level for the actuator to open the wastegate and send the exhaust gases to the exhaust and not the turbo. the turbo doesn't kick in, it is as mentioned always spinning, max boost will be achieved at about 2500 revs which is when the turbo is upto speed.
  4. Deflation detection system isn't the same as TPMS, it was an option upto early 2014 when TPMS became standard fitment, DDS uses the ABS sensors to to work out if the wheel diameter has reduced, not many cars would have had it.
  5. Have a look on Fordpartsuk for new parts, might need to be sitting down when you see the prices. should be able to find the front and rear bumper on eBay, should find some STs or ZSs being broken, 5 door skirts will be the hardest to find so might have to buy new, better trying to find genuine ford items over pattern parts.
  6. Could do but new fronts are only £30
  7. Older fiestas use a different fixing system, the mats are the same shape though. facelift cars have a circular stud that the mat clips onto, the older style has a oval shape hole in the mat and the fixing on the floor is turned 90 degrees to lock the mat in place. late mk7s sometimes have the mk7.5 fixings, check yours first beforehand.
  8. 8J get fitted a lot so is doable depending on tyre size and offset. have a look at
  9. On your profile it says your ST is a 2014, if that's correct do you not think it strange that it's only just started to happen and the best course of action is to fit spacers or remove some of the calipers material? something must be wrong with the wheel or hub or brakes etc to cause this and it should be looke into further.
  10. Have a look at something called a clever clip, Her doctor maybe able to offer better advice on what to use or issue an exemption certificate for the duration of her recovery.
  11. It because they are LEDs, they pull less current when used so the system think a bulb has failed causing the fast flashing, you need resistors to to stop this.
  12. It wouldn't affect travelling south over the crossing, since the toll booths were removed its usually free flowing at 50mph which is the limit for that road, only been held up once going over the bridge and that was last week due to a breakdown on the bridge, the tunnel gets held up as they close one bore off when they have enough tankers to convoy through, during rush hours it then can't cope and queues back to the M2 at least.
  13. The turbo will spin all the time there is exhaust gas being produced, so all the time the engine is on, the actuator controls the wastegate which when the boost pressure is reached open the wastegate and diverts the exhaust gas down the exhaust.
  14. At that time of day either should be fine, schools are off so traffic is slightly lighter. After 3 you should expect to have some delays, sometimes you can go from M4 to M3 at a steady 50 others it's stop start. which road are you coming down? Don't know which part of Yorkshire but I'd use the M11 then M25 via Dartford if it was me.
  15. If you have a mk7 2008 onwards fiesta it doesn't have a radio code