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  1. Without seeing the exhaust how can you say "it should be fine for many more months"? MoT testers will see nearly all exhausts with some corrosion on, this tester's opinion at the time was that it was bad enough to need an advisory, therefore it needs attention before the next MoT, if the car is being used in the current weather, the salt on the road will only make the corrosion worse.
  2. They are fitted to all fiestas with 17" wheels.
  3. The limiters are are a few £ from ford, if it is a issue.
  4. I've had the old and new setups and it isn't that much different. I've read people say it's massively different, I think they just think there is because it's a new setup. Still prefer the ride and handling with the Mountune springs fitted over either OE setup.
  5. Go to a dealer and test drive a few different models, if you've not been in one you're only going off someone's opinion of the ride (I find it fine) and the symposer noise (is also fine), what other people don't like you might find you do, you won't know unless you try one. A short test drive isn't worth doing either really, needs to be long enough to get a good feel of the car and on a variety of roads. Not sure why you would take the spoiler off, you could change it for a lower spec models. you could get a less sporty spec with a 125ps (might be able to get the 140ps), which is probably more suited.
  6. It'll be a mk6, mk5 was upto 2001. put a picture up.
  7. Using AC will demist quicker and keep it clear as it's taking the moisture out of the air, AC is not just go make the car colder. itf the centre dial is set to screen it will bring the AC and fans on.
  8. Focus or fiesta? fiesta ST3s have all the electrical options as standard; sat nav, cruise, climate, auto light/wipers/dipping mirror, keyless entry, folding mirrors
  9. So you wanted alexp999 to provide evidence but, cmozzer's statement was ok because it was what you wanted to here. Youve gone from someone who requires advice to repair a car to now modifying brake calipers.
  10. You may be able to using that adapter in your link and a programme called Forscan, you might hVe to register to get into the parameters.
  11. You could add a socket to the fuse box easily using a mini piggyback fuse holder, a lot of people do this to hardwire dashcams instead of having hanging leads.
  12. It may only stay live for about 20mins after the ignition is turned off, was like that on my 2 previous STs and other owners have said the same