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  1. Yes these will fit
  2. Yes they do make a set for the mk7.5 it's no differnt fitting to the 7 buy them from M-sportstore, google it and it'll link you to eBay. for picks look up of the fiesta M-sport edition. other flaps to try are rallyflapz or from the US so not cheap rokblox or rally armour.
  3. Collins performance are nearer (congleton Cheshire) and have a better reputation. Demontweeks (Wrexham) are even closer, sell most brands and do fitting too.
  4. They're a bit rare, keep an eye on eBay and fiesta groups on eBay, try "fiesta mk7 & mk7.5 parts" on Facebook, you can ask on there if anyone is selling one.
  5. The AS will be a lot louder than the Mountune box as it's an open filter, depends how much noise you want. can pick used Mountune boxes up for £100-130 on eBay or Facebook groups.
  6. He's trying to inform people how they are being stolen and a cheap solution, popping the port out and hiding it/locking it away is a better option and a disklok is a far better visual deterent. i think they smash the door lock rather than smash the window though judging by the pics of attempted thefts
  7. Space saver spare wheel kit you can get from eBay for £80-100 cover is about £40 from ford and is from a focus ecoboost, you need 2 pegs for it aswell.
  8. Yes, the valves are seperate. you can fit new valves and swap the sensor over from your current wheels but you would need to do this every time you swapped the wheels, the sensor is fitted to the valve on the inside of the wheels.
  9. They would fit fine, they would stick out 5mm more than OE wheels. Yes, you have TPMS, that's the 433mhz part on your etis report , if you're having these as a second set and going to swap them a couple of times a year then the TPMS will be an issue, a new set would need coding to the car, it's possible this would delete the original set meaning you would need to have them coded when you swap wheels. Sensors and valves are £30-40each. I'd try and get the TPMS disabled and not bother wi new TPMS sensors in that case. on factory cars with 17" wheels there is also steering limited to stop the wheels potentially fouling the wheel arch, they a only a few pound and just clip in place (apparently).
  10. If you're buying ford alloys then any 4 stud should be fine. for aftermarket wheels they need to be 4x108 which is the stud pattern, standard offset is ET47.5 the lower the number the more the wheel will stick out the arch eg ET 37 will be 10.5mm further out than standard. If your getting 17s then it'll be easier to spec 7J which is the width in inches. does your car have TPMS valves? They can be swapped or new ones fitted, new ones would need programming, leaving them off would mean the warning light coming on.
  11. Might be a bit of a push three years on.
  12. It should be possible, you would need the button, loom for inside the wheel and the trim piece. Better off finding one on eBay of Facebook parts pages, you need one from a 2013onwards car as the prefacelift cars had red illumination. it will need programming, most dealers won't do it or won't know how to, there's a guy on Facebook who can but he is in Sussex, so nowhere near you. Some one mentioned you can but a ELM lead and if you download Forscan you can do it yourself.
  13. If it was a serious enough issue they can tell it's been remapped but you should be ok with whoever you go with. if I wasn't going for Mountune then I would go in this order, Collins, Peron, Revo, there are others, GGR (who use superchips bluefin), JW racing, pumaspeed or independent mappers that advertise on Facebook etc. Depends how much power you want and how little you want to spend.
  14. There is a guy on Facebook called Jason Brooks he can activate it he has also has a page called OBDiscovery, he is based in Burgess hill.