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  1. Headlight Brows Legal?

    They did everything but the engine cover; header tank, battery top cover, battery front cover, fusebox lid, airbox lid, airbox snorkel, slam panel, bonnet latch bracket, washer jets and sat nav surround in gloss black
  2. Headlight Brows Legal?

    I sent mine to paintmodz in blackpool (find them on Facebook) he charged £45, it was there and back in a week. Quality and colour match are perfect.
  3. Headlight Brows Legal?

    I've got them on mine, they have no effect on light output, beam pattern etc
  4. Rear LED Brake/Tail lights

    Have you looked on autobeam's website?
  5. Ford fiesta day time running lights.

    No, it's just programming that needs doing for them to work. Yes they are expensive new but, there is more than enough fiestas being broken on eBay that you can pick up a pair used for less than a new one.
  6. Ford fiesta day time running lights.

    Screw fittings? If you mean to fix them to the car they are exactly the same, you can swap them they then need programming to work correctly, either by ford (if they'll do it) or someone with a elm lead and the Forscan programme, you can do it yourself with them.
  7. Only the side lights ( the 4 strips) are LED.
  8. DIY Wheel Alignment.

    Get it done properly or not at all, if it's that far out you'll save most of the cost of it in not having to replace a tyre earlier than expected. find somewhere that has a Hunter setup.
  9. 2017 Fiesta deal advice

    His quote is on a new shape. Try Carwow and Drivethedeal, use those prices to get local dealers prices down
  10. Thinking of remapping, is it worth it?

    I like the way superchips/bluefin advertise their gains, comparing a point in the rev range where the differnce is the biggest, where very other tuner quotes the max output as a better comparison, in this case it's +24bhp/+34Nm. This may seem trivial but potential customers just see the gains advertised, add that to their standard power/torque but the graph shows it didn't get to those combined figure, to me it's misleading.
  11. Clear Plastic Door Protection Strip

    Spoil the aesthetics? It'll look better without it, it's pretty pointless anyway, Ford designer #1 "we need to protest the paintwork from scratches and stone chips" ford designer #2" how much of the bodywork should we protect" Ford designer #1 "just that small bit by the door, the front bumper and bonnet won't need it at all"
  12. Clear Plastic Door Protection Strip

    Just pull it off and leave it off
  13. Fiesta St Line Spoiler Water Holder

    Yes, everyone with this spoiler has this same issue, Any fixes? Spoiler raisers may help, other than that, drying the car or driving the car.
  14. Full ABS/ESP brake bleed with Forscan?

    I didn't think the £40 the dealer charged to change this fliuid was too bad, saved a lot time and mucking about.
  15. New ST-3 running hot

    Sitting idling fir a minute before switching off isn't going to help cool it down either, youre driving a road car on the road, not a race car on a track, get in start up and when ready pull away and drive normally, when you stop let the revs drop to idle and switch off. Don't thrash it until the engines up to temp, that's engine oil not coolant , obviously there's no guage or indicator for oil temp but 10 mins of driving shoul be ok, sitting on the drive won't help this though,. Don't turn the engine off after driving flat out and still at 6000 rpm. you can still "open her up" while still following the Ford running in procedure.