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  1. You need one of these to replace the airbix lid, then fit whatever filter you like, most induction kits would come with this duct.
  2. Where Do You Put Yours? (Dashcams! ;) )

    It stays on for a bit after turning the ignition off. its so much easier to connect to to an ignition live in the fusebox, piggyback fuse holder and 12v socket for a few quid off eBay.
  3. fit a open induction kit, will give you the noise you want.
  4. Some minor issues, opinions wanted

    Dealers come out with some BS at times. dont worry you've got breakdown, ffs! So ford are going to go to the trouble of making different heating elements in wing mirror lenses for no reason what so ever, of course you only need one mirror to be clear before pulling away. The dealer is saying ford designed one to be slower than the other, they need to give their heads a wobble. can you get a friend to reverse the car see if it happens for them? id try a different dealer, or contact customer services and see if someone from technical can assist.
  5. Need help with lowering my fiesta

    If it's just for looks then coilovers are a bit ott, you can get a cheap set but, you get what you pay for. can get springs that drop it 20-50mm eibach, H&R or mountune's eibach are what I would look at, mountune's drop it the least.
  6. Some minor issues, opinions wanted

    Can you take it to another dealer?  Glovebox lid lid or the switch needs adjusting, the light should go out the dealer should know this as the fiesta isn't aware car, they will have loads in their car park to check. it is possible that one mirror is colder than the other but, it should also be easy for their technician to compare the voltage going to the heated mirror and mirrors heating element resistance on both sides,  starting can take longer in cold weather but not to the degree you say it does, they will need it the second day to start from cold. It isn't normal behaviour and they wouldn't accept it on their car so why should you does the reverse noise happen all the time? If so they should hear it when they reverse, go on the test drive with the technician and point out the noise. unfortunately unless they plug in and the computer tells them what the fault is,some seem to struggle to find a fault.   
  7. Revs on Fiesta Eco Boost 125

    Sounds like you hit the rev limiter, should really have changed up by then.
  8. Yes it's possible, seen at least 4 on Facebook, hardest bit is swapping the wiring for the headlight plugs. loads of STs etc being broken on eBay for the bonnet bumper and lights.
  9. Focus St Roof Wrap

    You'll probably need to drop the rear end of the headliner to reach the a rail base, be worth the effort though. Yes wrap the piece at the top of the tailgate and continue into the opening sections of the spoiler. Best pic I could find so far.  
  10. New Focus Rs Quote

    they won't discount it, they don't need to.   theres no dealer deposit contribution, no privilege discount and the finance apr is higher.
  11. Gap Insurance

    I wouldn't rely on that, most gap policies on new car require it to be taken out within 105 days, using the insurers GAP might mean you can't get vehicle replacement GAP. Some insurers will pay out in full if a car is written off in the first year ( is this what your insurers mean?) but depending on your policy they may not, AXA for example will only do this if the repair quote is 70% of the market value, it won't be as they screw their approved repairers down on prices, so will only pay out market value. Do some research, read the terms and conditions, cheap doesn't necessarily mean the best.
  12. Gap Insurance

    Do buy GAP, dealers are overpriced unless like above you can haggle them down, most of it is commission for them. Not sure if dealer do vehicle replacement gap or just return to invoice, RTI is only any good if you paid RRP for the car. Yes, a new fiesta will be coming but not for a while, I'd say 18 months at least, so just buy one now.
  13. New Tires

    Look on tyreleader, blackcircles, camskill for good prices. Michelin PS3 seems to be the most popular replacement tyre on fiestas with 17" wheels. £63-£65 on tyreleader.
  14. Faulty Heated Windscreen.

    How small a section isn't working? There are 2 elements in the screen so there is a small gap in the centre.
  15. Steering Rack Limiter Question

    They must be needed for something, every fiesta that leaves the factory with 17s on has them fitted, the kit is less than £10 (not sure about fitting, I think they just clip on) and could help prevent damage to your tyres, arches, arch liners etc.