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  1. Definately a Friday car and not worth keeping for years like I have mine - I loved it when I got it, but they all have the same issues, I had the coil pack replaced last year (or maybe the year before?) Hope the issues get sorted for you
  2. My rear window on my streetka has split!!! Ford want £2000 for a new roof (wish they'd give me £2000 to take the car off my hands!) so I wondered if anyone knew of any fixers in the South East & London areas who repair this?
  3. Don't ask me how it happened, taking the roof down yesterday and the rear window split right down the middle! Phoned local dealership (waiting for them to call back) but wondered if anyone else had encountered this and how it was repaired (and how much?!) Needless to say I will be putting mine up for sale shortly :(
  4. Can I order them online?
  5. On the outside of the roof, its like when you don't wash a fish tank, that sort of effect, but as the weather has got worse so has the green patches. Thanks for the suggestions I'll have a go and see if they can bring it back to black...
  6. Hey! I have a 53 reg StreetKa with a very green roof! It was just around the edges but has been spreading since the snow and is over the roof now, anyone got any ideas how to get rid of and then prevent it? Also some little bugger stole my Streetka side badges, looked on ebay and non are listed, so does anyone know of a stockist? Cheers!!
  7. I have a 53 reg plate StreetKa which needs a little TLC. The roof is getting a big mouldy around the edges, does anyone have any suggestions what to clean it with? Thanks