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  1. Advice needed on LED bulbs`

    You need a load resister running in parallel with each bulb
  2. Help needed tuning a fiesta ecoboost to Stage 2/3

    I don't come on here much anymore aw I've since moved onto bigger things. But while I'm here i have to say, Just whatever you DO NOT GO NEAR AET MOTORSPORT.
  3. ABS now works.. Seems it simpley wanted to relearn the braking system or something as its perfect now Oh, and the modifications have begun.. Spot my bodge!! Ill be cleaning the kit soon, I test fitted it then couldn't be bothered removing again
  4. Extremely! Except Went into VW for a DSG update They also did some recall work.. Updated the ABS software and bricked the module! So they replaced that and a broken air intake at their cost. But now the ABS does nothing as they've obviously messed something up.. We'll see Fhey also washed it and made a mess :( Other than that its spot on! 😊
  5. So, I sold the fiesta on Friday and picked up a 2.0TSI VW Scirocco GT DSG The forum and it's members have saved me thousands of pounds in both parts and labour, and I couldn't be more grateful. I wish you all the best & good luck with any future projects! Cheers Kieran
  6. Upstream oxygen sensor (O2S) location

    The sensor requires replacing if the heater fails. P0030 points at the heater itself too :) Cost us £12 for socket and £14 for sensor from scrappy
  7. Upstream oxygen sensor (O2S) location

    1.25 Duratec so remove your airbox/engine cover Look at the back of the engine on top of the exhaust manifold. That's your sensor :) We had the heating element on ours fail, you're best purchasing a lambda sensor socket as its in a deep recess
  8. Upstream oxygen sensor (O2S) location

    Which year is your car and what engine do you have?
  9. Cruise control????

    If you struggle then give me a message once you have the adapter and I don't mind doing it via remote desktop
  10. Aftermarket Push to Start Button?

    It's been done.. Bit people usually do to do you have to put the key in the ignition, turn it on then press to start. In other words pointless
  11. Cruise control????

    Pretty much it :) You'll need forscan and an extended license to do the work too Just make sure you check you have the wiring present, and make sure you purchase the correct year (prefacelift/facelift are different colours, I made this mistake and swapped with marc as he's converted his SMDs
  12. Cruise control????

    I helped talk and guide Marc through the cruise control and powerfold retrofits, questions are always welcome :)
  13. Windscreen wiper bouncing on windscreen

    Have you tried Serum Oxide?
  14. 501 bulbs for footwell

    It's the little things that make a difference. the fact that all my bulbs inside are warm white so look OEM, but draw next to no power with the engine off. There isn't a single thing on my car that isn't LED except the dipped beam which is HID. I haven't had to replace one bulb in over a year either :p