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  1. Zetec 1.6 petrol v desiel

    Been down that route mate, the OPT out allowance doesn't cover the cost of a decent enough new car on a PCP with maintenance! Although can a PCP be offered on a second hand car do you know, and do ford offer a PCP scheme? Slightly off subject though as I would like to know the performance difference in said zetec's. Thanks though!
  2. Zetec 1.6 petrol v desiel

    Hi All; I was after a bit of advise, I am currently driving an 55 plate Zetec 1.6 TDCi 110ps as a company car, which is up for renewal. Unfortuantely, they have removed the diesel version from the list that is available to me and I am left with the 1.6 16v 100ps petrol alternative. Can soomeone share some advise on what performance differences I am likely to see; i.e. acceleration, drive, motorway driving between 70-80mph. There is also the diesel Econetic on the list TDCi 109ps but am I right in thinking I will have to sacrifice alloy wheels if I went from this? Alternatively, there is also a Golf S 2.0 TDCi 110ps, but I've seen the trim on this and it is not the best, but for an extra £50 a month I could upgrade to the SE version. would any of you do this over opting for the focus? Thanks guys! Adam