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  1. Heated Seats And Gearbox

    I have found that one of the blanking switches on the left of the steering wheel is for heated seats. The wiring is there behind the blanking plate. I was wondering if the thnder leather seats have the heating element in or if it is just the wildcat that has heated seats? It would be nice to retro fit it! I also know that the wildcat has a 6 speed gearbox. I was wondering if you can fit these to a Thunder to replace the 5 speed box? 6 speeds would be much better for mpg I think.
  2. Should I Or Should I Not Buy A Ford Ranger

    a bit late replying I know but I love my ranger. road tyres and all terrain tyres make a huge difference in fuel. I fitted a tuning chip once to get better mpg but the engine cut out when pulling away fast with a caravan on the back once so I took it out in case it cut out whilst overtaking a lorry up a hill on a motorway! It restarted ok but the engine management light came on. If you buy a face lift 56 plate registered before jan 1st 2007 you get cheaper road tax. £125 a year! ;-) Where did you find the cruise control option to add?
  3. Ford Ranger 2007 rear light

    for anyone who reads this as I worked it out this weekend. Undo the 2 obvious bolts that holt it in. Get a flat bladed screw driver and a cloth. put the screw driver in the cloth and prize the part of the light cluster furthest to the front and prize it towards the rear of the car. It should then slide out of its mounting brackets. You need the cloth to stop the screwdriver damaging the paint work.