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  1. Temp Gauge, Heater And Fan Control Switch

    Here you go: isnt an expensive part, just a bit of a pain to get to!
  2. Temp Gauge, Heater And Fan Control Switch

    I can help with the second problem. You need to buy another Heater resistor pack for the Focus. To replace it you need to remove the glove box (not my video): this shows where it is located, unplug it, two screws to un screw, then pull it out and pop the new one in.
  3. Low Power To 12 Volt Socket?

    Ok, ill try that! Yeah, I tried with the engine on, the red led on the charger lights up, does nothing though, pump lights come on, switching the pump on turns off its lights. Yeah, i thought that, the battery is brand new, alternator checked, I did manage to check the error codes out and have one for steering angle sensor?? But yes, elimination time is upon me!
  4. Low Power To 12 Volt Socket?

    I'll have to have a look later on now, what would be the best way to test it? plug the charger in then test the end of the micro USB charger? or is it a take the 12 volt port out job? cheers.
  5. Low Power To 12 Volt Socket?

    Yeah, port gives 12.4 volts without anything plugged in, will go back out when I've eaten something and plug the charger in and see what reading I get then, thanks!
  6. Low Power To 12 Volt Socket?

    Hi guys, thanks for your replies. Yeah engine running when testing, battery is giving out the correct voltage, alternator is working and was tested when the battery was replaced. Ill get the multi meter on the socket when im on lunch break and see what its giving out. thanks!
  7. Low Power To 12 Volt Socket?

    Hi guys, just wandering whether anyone can help out here, i am now confused! XD 12 volt socket seems to not be giving out enough power for anything, the light on my phone charger / Tyre pump comes on when plugged in but there just doesnt seem to be enough power coming out to actually use them? the fuse has been checked, tested the charger / Tyre pump in my dads car, they work and the battery was replaced last weekend as well, so im a little stumped from there!
  8. Electrical Issues Focus Mk2 2007 1.8

    all sorted... dad had put the fuse for the ignition / relays (F25) into the headlamp washer (F23)... such a silly mistake, very happy it was that though!! Thanks for all your responses guys!
  9. Electrical Issues Focus Mk2 2007 1.8

    I attached live to the live on the battery and then the ground to the ground on the strut tower
  10. Electrical Issues Focus Mk2 2007 1.8

    ok, ill be looking at the fuses at lunch break, Ive just read the errors codes off and this one: Code: B2094 - Heated Windshield Circuit Short to Battery (apart from battery voltage low warnings that weren't set at the time of reading)
  11. Electrical Issues Focus Mk2 2007 1.8

    I'll give them a check over tomorrow morning
  12. Electrical Issues Focus Mk2 2007 1.8

    Yeah, the connectors appear to be secured in ok
  13. Hi guys, changed my fan blower resister and the radio (Chinese drain the battery one). The battery went flat so I jumped it and the following problems have arisen: - front electric windows don't work - reverse light isn't working - rear wiper not working - front and back washer jets not working - heated windscreen stuck on Its a focus 2007 1.8 Zetec Climate At least I can use my fan now I guess XD
  14. Drinks Can Holder Focus Mk2.5

    Havent got one myself but I found this one: or this one:
  15. Drivers Door Misaligned?

    Its on the hinge side of the door, when the door is closed its outwards slightly.