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  1. Well i had another play with the seatbelt connections, spray of wd40, still flashing a code. Today I thought frig it, this doesn't make sense that I bought a new (apparently ok) airbag module for a tenner, I unscrewed it out and replaced it with my OLD module. Battery back on and so far, no air bag light. its been sat in the sun for a few days so no idea what the original problem was, maybe moisture making the circuit go nuts? Anyway if it comes on again (I very much expectto see it make a return , just hopefully not before MOT) I have been quoted 40 quid to get a proper code if it does. Thanks for the help!
  2. Thank you for the reply, No not done anything to do with the seat belt yet. will disconnect the sensors tomorrow when I'm off work. What should I expect to narrow it down to that? wont it flah the same code if it is? Is there also just the one airbag module for the mk1 focus? some cars have a passenger and a main. Thanks again, will report if I find anything.
  3. !Removed! airbag light is doing my nut! MK1 2003 Focus; First came on as a continuous light giving no code... thought I had narrowed it down to the module under the center console. Picked one off ebay for a tenner exactly same model num / serial numbers as mine, also the guy stated it had not gone off and had worked fine on previous car. Well I installed it today only for the airbag light to come on when the ignition is on (before it would come on before ignation is on) and this time its flashing so at least its giving a code. providing its not a dud airbag module... It flashes 4 times in an a 5 set, so a total of 20 flashes. then finally on continuously. I have yet to give it a ride out but have pulled the fuse out and back in (the fuse is fine too, changing is was one of the first things i done) Apart from that I have moved seats, pulled out the connectors, left them, plugged them back in, put electric grease on the connectors. I have plugged in my OBD reader and it does not come up with any codes, am I correct that these cheap OBD readers (elm327) will not pick up airbag codes? do ford VCM pick up airbag codes and how are cheap ones on ebay ? it's worth pointing out that the car has had quite a bad condensation problem this winter, with a boot full of water. Done alot of searching about and reached an end to solutions so reaching out if anyone can point me in a direction, thanks
  4. Alright not so bad! thanks for your help :)
  5. Anyway to get this thing to have a AUX port plugged in it? or is it just the adapter boxes that will work (£40 + ). Have searched around but not finding much on these models, and just want to hook a aux cable up cheap as possible really. is buying this a waste of time? this is the model I have. I would normally find it easy searching and finding out but typing it in seems to just bring up kits to make focus radios to mo3 compatible. My model name is the MP3 Model so trying to find anything out is a nightmar . Any help is much appreciated!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums grjbb :)

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