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  1. have watch list over 200 listing mostly car related but also classic audi from 80/90's just cant help myself
  2. nor will ford ever admit it to faulty injectors just glad I bought the 1.6tdci which also has known problems but not injectors hope you get it sorted soon
  3. still have 2 of them solid engineering not like todays modern phone's when you drop them they are goosed
  4. got my renewal last week was €788 fully com 9 yrs no claims last year it was €499 needles to say changed broker and paid it today € 560 quite a difference really does pay to shop around really are some robbers out
  5. lovely rim colour is spot on nice and easy to clean as well judging by the photo's
  6. what was the final out come to your problem no body seems to reply back to these
  7. any update what was causing the problems and did you get another garage to fix it
  8. could be instrument cluster problem common fault on max google it
  9. have you checked the power steering level under the bonnet could be low
  10. any update on this where the police involved sound to me like careless driving by the other party
  11. think that is normal too have some oil in inlet have blanked the egr valve on mine don't know if that is the problem
  12. perhaps you might need to change battery in key fob if you have done so I know when battery goes flat it fob can throw up lot of problems
  13. why on such a new car
  14. thanks for pic for reference Peter never really thought it could leak there