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  1. thanks for pic for reference Peter never really thought it could leak there
  2. Hi Wes180 what type of grease did you use?? thanks for the reply's guys
  3. hi peter have same problem with rhs rear tail lamp sealed around hinges on tailgate but water still gets in with heavy rain do you have any photos of location where you used the silicone regards paul
  4. what does it it cost to insure it
  5. goodyear grip are quality at affordable prices
  6. nice plate on the vx
  7. so would you call yourself a pug fan
  8. try the leccy windows with/without clips then decide
  9. is it points and fine then
  10. never used the metal clips never had any problems so far
  11. that's the first thing I got done when got c-max can never be too careful the belt could snap any any time/mileage for piece of mind do it before what ford recommend
  12. has the problem been resolved yet
  13. did it pass the test that's the real question ???
  14. swap it over to passenger side to se if it works there it not bulb holder could be faulty just athought