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  1. Morning Looking for tips and advice on changing my drivers seat. The back mechanism has totally collapsed. Been spot welded to hold it in place as a short term measure. So looking for a replacement seat, which should be easy enough. However i need to know how easy it is to take the knackered one out and put the replacement in. Any advice and pointers would be gratefully received. At 133k miles its done great. And still going strong !
  2. Central Locking

    Mine were locking and unlocking at various times, driving etc. However now the central locking wont work at all. An there is a clicking from the dash board. And the immobiliser light just flickers on and off. Any pointers as to why would eb gratefully received. Its been a great car and at 133k miles is still going like a trainand dont really want to scrap it. Any ideas???? cheers