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  1. LUK 3 part clutch kit was fitted. Clutch & Release Plate plus the slave cylinder & release bearing. A new 'slant' to this is that I live on a hill. Instead of parking facing up the hill last night, I parked facing down. No problems whatsoever with the GB this morning. Could the oil or fluid be so low that this could make a difference to selecting first/second or reverse?
  2. PS - My clutch pedal return spring snapped a while back... I have the replacement part and have even stretched the spring out... but cannot find a garage to do it for me for less than £150. And i've tried and failed several times to do it (6ft3in and bulky) without taking the driver seat out... Not convinced that would be the problem though. Seems like a possible hydraulic issue when the fluid is cold.
  3. I had a very recent clutch change done on my Mk1 1.6 Focus. Its done 95k. The gearbox has been a little notchy (1st & 2nd) and snaggy (lift clutch slightly to get in reverse) since I bought it at 72k. The clutch change seemed to remedy that... Except in the last few days. When starting the car from cold in the AM, I cannot get the car into gear. Not even with the clutch pedal all the way to the floor. When I try to force it into 1st, the car tries to move as if the clutch pedal is up. Reverse just grinds. Not good. I really have to FORCE it into gear for the first 2/3 miles. Once its warmed up its better.... I'm worried that I will end up forcing it just that little bit too hard, and destroying the gearbox one morning. Just in time for the summer. Ideal. Any advice? My MOT is due in a couple of weeks... At the same garage that did the clutch. Could an adjustment be made to fix this issue? Or would it be best to sell the car on ASAP?! I'd rather not get rid of the car. Other than this, its been a trooper for the past 24k. Cheers.
  4. Hi, My regular garage is snowed under with work and I need to find a garage in Sheffield or close by in South Yorks. that can fit my clutch peddle return spring. Tried it myself = fail. But I want a garage who will have done this many times and won't advise dismantling the car at a cost of 100s of pounds to do this (seemingly) small and straightforward job. Thanks. HazBaz.
  5. Hi, My regular garage is snowed under with work and I need to find a garage in Sheffield or close by in South Yorks. that can fit my clutch peddle return spring. Tried it myself = fail. But I want a garage who will have done this many times and won't advise dismantling the car at a cost of 100s of pounds to do this (seemingly) small and straightforward job. Thanks. HazBaz.
  6. Ford Focus Mk1 (Pre-facelift). 2004. 1.6 Zetec. Not currently a major issue, although i'd like to have it looked at... Changing between 1, 2 & 3 when the car is moving (clutch fully down and disengaged), feels clunky/notchy. No grinding. Gears stay in. No problem when stationary. Gears slide in and out easily. Possibly worse when cold, but still there even when warmed up good and proper after a 25 minute drive (having been through all the gears). Clutch has a good bit of meat on it. 1/3 to mid level bite point. All gears also feel a little 'baggy'. Always need to be a little careful to not go from 4th to 1st. Cables might need tightening? Any advice? Would a lower viscosity oil/oil change help? This is the only thing that's bothering me about the car. Now the tracking is sorted and I have new front tyres the car is a much better drive. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Bought my late MK1 focus (04 1.6 Zetec) about a week ago. Really enjoying driving it! Took it over Snake Pass between Glossop and Sheffield this afternoon and was impressed by its cornering and grunt in the lower gears. Just put it into the garage to have its cambelt/tens./pulleys/pump done as per age/advice. I asked them to check out another issue which I am a little nervy about. At motorway speeds (65-75mph) and about 2.5/3000 revs, the engine feels hesitant/stutters as though its struggling to keep going. This only happens at these speeds. Even with my foot down it doesn't seem to gain speed in 5th gear at all and the steering wheel shakes until I reduce the speed to about 65 and the revs to about 2k. There is NO engine management light. Or any light activity on the dash at all. I have been doing some research and come up with the following potential causes... But there are a few: Idle Control Valve VSS MAF Sensor Throttle Position Sensor Fuel Pump/Filter/Mesh Filter in Fuel Pump Hose collapsing due to age/weakness ECU issue Now, I find it hard to believe its a sensor issue, as I have no EML. So it seems like a physical problem. It appear that I am not the only one whose mk1 focus has suffered from this issue at 60k+. Any suggestions/advice (except for changing ALL of the above which is financially unrealistic) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Hazbaz
  8. 2004 Focus 1.6 Zetec - Advice

    Thanks. Did all that. The car was sound so I bought it. Knocked £150 off the price for the cost of getting a new belt fitted within the next month. Test drove the car round town. No worries. But got it on the motorway, and it really lacks power delivery in 5th gear. I struggled to get it to accelerate at all. No engine management lamp. Could it be the coil pack? No sign of misfiring or stuttering at all. I will buy and fit one tomorrow if needs be. Cheers for the advice. I'm sure i'll be on here a lot more in the coming months!!
  9. 2004 Focus 1.6 Zetec - Advice

    Going to have a look at a 04 plate Focus 1.6 Zetec this arvo. Want it as a cheap runaround. A daily runner. Got my eye on one. 70,000 miles. FSH. MOT till next Aug. High equipment levels (incl. parking sensors!). Only MOT advisories were corroded coil springs, which I know is a common problem on Fords. And I believe is a cheap fix. What should I be aware of when having a look at the car? Known issues/faults? Common problems? (I've looked at the advice forums and have any information I need from there) The seller (trade) is not aware of the cambelt being changed, but it was serviced this month, the belt checked, and apparently visually it's fine. Could this become a problem? Or at 70,000/10yrs is it probably good for another 5000/6mo before a change? The car is £1400 which seems low for the mileage, but reasonable overall. Could it be too good to be true? Or is the average? Any advice welcomed. Be gentle!
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums hazbaz1984 :)

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