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  1. Horsepower Question

    Thanks guys, lots of information! Best of both worlds? The 1.0 non-Ecoboost 80bhp is better than the 1.25 80bhp?
  2. Horsepower Question

    Unfortunately I don't think I can afford the Ecoboost engines! Will have to go for the 1.2 82hp. Thanks guys!
  3. Horsepower Question

    Ok, thanks. How come some of the smaller engines have so much more BHP? There's a 1.0 with 80PS and an 1.0 Ecoboost engine that goes up to 125PS. Would it be better to get a smaller engine with more bhp, or a larger engine with less bhp?
  4. Horsepower Question

    Hi, Looking to buy a new Fiesta. Saw that there are two models of the 1.2, one with 60ps and one with 82ps. I only test drove the 82, which was fine for my needs. The 60ps is a bit cheaper (£500). It also seems as if most of them out there are 82 - I haven't seen any used 60ps. Will there be a noticable difference between the two? Also, would getting the 60ps one make it harder to sell later on? Cheers
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