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    2009 Ford Fiesta 1.6 ECOnetic
  1. Fiesta Titanium Wheels & Tyres

    I would like to fit alloy wheels on my 2009 Fiesta 1.6 TDCI. I was thinking that 16" with 195/45/16" would be perfect, but after reading some opinions above I start to think at 15" alloys with 195/50/15" tyres. I live in Belgium and the roads are not so good. What would you choose?
  2. Video Playlist

    Nice! Enjoy it!
  3. Warning about engine oil

    I have aprox 1700 miles and the oil level is nearly at max level....
  4. Engine Remapping - Mk 7 - 1.6 petrol

    How much was it?
  5. This morning the bluetooth and the voice control were working......It's a computer problem for sure. Anyone with those problems?
  6. Bluetooth and voice control are not working anymore....I can connect the bluetooth, but when I want to call a phone number the radio or the cd player doesn't stops, and it's not switching on the phone mode...and the voice control it's dead. :(
  7. Phone function

    Yeah, it's been programmed to end a call, but also to accept a phone call....
  8. Phone function

    Thanks. I guess I will go to the dealer , maybe they can set this button, but it's very strange because I can finish a call by pressing the 'M'...
  9. Phone function

    Hi all, I have a problem with my new Fiesta Phone function: when I press the M(mode) button in the left part of the steering wheel to answer a phone call, the call is rejected. I read in the manual that the M button is used for: Accepting an incoming call: Incoming calls can be accepted by either: • Pressing the ‘PHONE’ button on the audio unit. • Pressing the ‘MODE’ button the remote control I've been trying to answer a call by pressing the M button on the steering wheel but it rejects the call....So what should I do? Maybe there is an option on the bord computer? Or not?? Thanks in advance!