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  1. Whistling Turbo

    FOCA - bear in mind that what I know about mechanics could be written on a postage stamp, but this is the situation as I understand it... I bought the car in February this year with 87k on the clock and a full service history. The first thing I did was get the cambelt & pulleys replaced. However, there was another belt which was not replaced - I was told it connects the crankshaft to the fuel injectors - and this seized, taking the cambelt and the engine with it. The garage that replaced the engine said they have seen this on a few of the newer Fords. They seemed to be implying that it is a potential problem which is not widely known about in the industry... I think perhaps the crank/injectors are connected by a chain on most models?
  2. Whistling Turbo

    Thanks for the replies. I've booked the car in at a different garage next week, so we'll see what they have to say. A 4 year old car with just over 100,000 on the clock, which already has a new engine and now might need a new turbo - not a good advert for Ford.
  3. Whistling Turbo

    Engine capacity 1.8 and it was a new engine. There is a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty. I assume the old turbo was used but I'm not certain.
  4. Whistling Turbo

    I recently had to have the engine replaced on my 2010 reg. Zetec TDCi and there is now a whistle which I am told is gas escaping from the turbo. Not sure if this is linked to the fitting of the engine, but I took the car back and they initially thought a flange on the turbo might need replacing. However, this was apparently not the case; they said soot could be seen where the gas was escaping and they added some treatment to the fuel, saying it may or may not work. It didn't work, and if anything the whistling is getting worse. This is obviously causing me concern and I'd value some opinions from people who are more mechanically minded than me. Is this likely to be faulty workmanship by the garage? Is the turbo ultimately going to need replacing? Comments welcome.
  5. Cambelt Failure

    Stef - what I know about mechanics could be written on a postage stamp, so everything was left to the garage. I don't know the brand and there is no warranty. I do know that the garage changed the pulleys and tensioners at the same time (they explained that it is pointless replacing the cambelt in isolation). As regards the part that failed, I was initially told (by the garage that did the job) that the drive chain had broken, but I thought this model was not chain driven? Perhaps it was their way of trying to wriggle out of responsibility? Hopefully I'll find out more when the car is picked up from the company that's fitting the new engine. As you'll appreciate I'm somewhat confused by all this, which is why I came to this forum seeking a few impartial views.
  6. Cambelt Failure

    Thanks BOF, you've more or less confirmed my thoughts, in that fighting for compensation or attempting to create bad publicity would cause stress and bad feeling on both sides, with no guarantee that the desired outcome would be achieved. Time to switch garages, I think.
  7. Cambelt Failure

    I had the cambelt changed on my 2010 1.8 Mondeo Zetec TDCI six months ago at 87,000miles (well short of the 125,000 recommendation in the manual). It was done at a garage which I've used and trusted for over 20 years. Last Wednesday and less than 20,000 miles later, it failed and a new engine is now required. Was this just extreme bad luck or should I be thinking about changing garages? Comments welcome.
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