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  1. 1999 (T Reg) 1.4 Focus Smoking

    It's got 70k on speedo, so don't think bores would wear out just yet. Oil level was checked as soon as car came in. Compression good. Also found out that the PCV valve is letting air go past both ways, so gonna try changing that.
  2. 1999 (T Reg) 1.4 Focus Smoking

    Bluish/grey. You think all 4 bores/rings would go at the same time? Costumer said i appeared out of nowhere and it wasn't smoking before.
  3. Hello, We got a Ford Focus 1999 1.4l in our place. It smokes on idle or on revs. We have changed the valve seals and it haven't fixed the problem. What else we noticed is that there is oil in all 4 cylinders which is weird. I don't think it could be gasket or piston rings because if it was that problem then I think only 1 or 2 cylinders would be oily, but what we noticed is that the PCV valve is burn up and just looks really nackered, so we will try to change that and also clean out the breather system to see if it helps it or not. In the meanwhile I'd like to know what you guys think and what suggestions would you give us to try. Any sort of information would help. Thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums ltepic :)

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