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  1. Happy Birthday raz2467!

  2. Auxillary!!!

    If there is one it wud be at the back, but not many models have it, mine didn't so had to buy that cable
  3. Auxillary!!!

    Yep that's the one, on large connection to stereo there's a plug identical to that one, just pop it out n put new one in its place.
  4. Auxillary!!!

    First check in the glovebox and see if there is an aux port if there is just get the standard male to male aux lead n plug straight in, if not you can buy an adapter lead that plugs into the connection to the back of the stereo simple to do mine cost me ten quid off eBay.this will work with any phone/ ipod etc.
  5. I can't see there being any chance of that as they would have to remove the whole filter to check inside it, which isn't an easy task.
  6. Diesels don't have an emissions test on the mot only a smoke test and it doesn't effect that, mines been done for 3 year now and never had one problem with mot.
  7. The remap is to 'delete' the dpf otherwise the ecu will think there is a problem with it as there are air pressure sensors at either side of the filter. If the dpf isn't deleted the car will go into limp mode. The remap doesn't need to be a power map. Just needs to delete the dpf.
  8. I have the 2.0tdci and had the same dpf issue over and over and had it cleaned twice with ford (luckily on warranty) I then had the dpf gutted and a remap which cost £240 and have never had a problem since, and I must say the car is much nicer to drive and more responsive and even get a few extra mpg. And yes if you get it straight thru after a 2008 it will fail the mot. However as others have said have the dpf gutted (opened from the top so no sign of tampering) and refitted.
  9. Ford Badge Decals

    No problem happy to help
  10. Ford Badge Decals

    Hi this site will make you anything you want http://www.heko.co.uk Hope it helps. Ryan.
  11. Diesel Tuning Box ?

    Hi used one from diesel tuning for about 6 months on my 2006 2.0 focus, worked really well, however I then had the ecu remapped instead which is alot better. But yes the plug and play worked and could tell the difference. Ryan.
  12. Hi I have a 2006 focus 2.0 tdci iv had the ecu mapped and dpf removed so running in the region of 165 bhp, just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on upgrading the turbo as I want to try and gain more, iv heard they can be taken to 220bhp not sure if this is true or how to get there, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ryan.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums raz2467 :)

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