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  1. Yes I did mean that :) The wheels do spin freely and I can't hear anything. The bushes still exist they are just very soft/loose but maybe a bit of metal on metal contact with the anti roll bar link. I will jack the back end up again and have another look. Cheers
  2. Hi Folks, I have a 1998 V6 Ghia that is making a rumbling noise from the rear when cornering. I suspected its a wheel bearing on its way out so had a look and can detect any play in the bearings and they look ok and are tight. I did notice that the bushes at the hub end of the trailing arms have a lot of play and the antiroll bar link bushes are perished. Anyone know if its probably a wheel bearing or could the bushes cause the noise? Just been to the local car parts store and they are quoting $478+tax for a bearing so I will be looking at getting something online as even with international shipping it should be cheaper. Just want to make sure before I spend $200+ on a bearing. Is it a big job swapping a bearing/hub on a Mondeo with disks at the rear? Cheers
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums stage1v8 :)

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