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  1. Fiesta mk6 facelift dash question (Not HU)

    Thanks Pete... I've never seen a coin holder with electrics b4!
  2. Hi All I have a small rectangular vent in the centre console of my mk6 facelift. It's to the left of the Hazard Lights button. It looks like a coin holder, but when I unclip it, there's two wires coming from behind it.. What is it?
  3. Hi All I have a Fiesta mk6 facelift (06), with the Ford 6000 doubleDin unit. I have removed it all no probs and I have a double DIN cage and fascia which I had been using on my 06 C-Max. However, the fiesta's plastic moulded dash space does not have a neat rectangular lip to attatch the cage to, whereas the C-Max does. Any ideas? Cheers Neil