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  1. Diesel Injectors, How much?

    They plugged the car into a engine management tester, but just came up with a unknown fault in a closed loop! i think i'd give the injector clean a try, anyone know which one is best? i've been told redex is good
  2. Diesel Injectors, How much?

    Hi, i'm a new member here but have been a proud owner of my ford focus TDCi (DuraTorq 115ps) for a little over a year now. recently my car has been gettin a bit slugish, making smoke under hard acceration and also a ingination fault light comes on at motorway speeds! during a service in march the garage stated that the injectors are on there way out (93,000 miles). just wonder if the injectors giving up the ghost that could be causing the problems? the garage said it was the fuel filter (less than a year old part!) which they replaced to no resolve! so i'm thinking the injectors then. how much does a set of 4 bosch injectors cost? and where could i get them from?