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  1. New Fiesta with Sync 3 query

    Had this lose of GPS notification on mine early in its life. Like you returned after a restart of the car. Also once when I was diverted off the M4 into Newport due to roadworks it got completely confused even though it was the sat nav that diverted me off..I cancelled the route and received a message saying cancelling route which remained until I got to motorway services. When I restarted the car it was back up and running on my previous selected route
  2. New Fiesta TPMS wrong value

    Have just checked mine. Two readings match. One reading 1 psi difference. One reading 2 psi difference. Is it possible your tyre pressure gauge is out. If I remember right you get a warning if your tyre pressure drops 5% so if you have a difference between actual and indicated you will still get the warning if you have a pressure drop which is the main thing. Now I come to think of it I believe the pressure drop required for the warning to occur is 20%. This would give a drop of 6 psi on a 30 psi tyre. Where as 5% would be 1.5 psi. A bit to critical as a tyre could lose that on really cold day.
  3. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    No difference in adding the extras
  4. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    When In ordered my Titanium I added all the extras that the X had over it but didn't have the option of adding partial leather seats. I therefor have virtually a Titanium X without the delay. Just a way around the delay unless you really want partial leather seats.
  5. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Don't know if this is any help but I have just checked my June build Fiesta sync 3 map version and it is F6.1 New local nine month old roundabout not shown on my version but updated on my TomTom.
  6. Mk8 Fiesta fiasco - a silly story

    As you say it takes a bit of getting used to pulling the collar up. I have had my Mk 8 since August and it took almost a month to get it right ever time. Like you I have been driving for nearly 60 years. Hope you get as much pleasure driving your new car as I am mine.
  7. Glove box fuse box

    Thanks Russ. If you look at the timings from my update thread I found it about the same time as your reply. Correct it is in the footwell. I still wonder how many people are going to get caught out with this.
  8. Hi all I have at long last found the so called glove box fuse box. On the Mk 8 it is not behind the glove box as the manual states. It is under a hinged fibre cover just above where a passengers feet would rest. Hope this is helpful and will stop some of you lowering the glove box and scratching your head looking for it there like me. I believe some of the Focus models have it in the same place.
  9. Glove box fuse box

    Hi iantt If as you say it is definatly behind the glove box can you look at these pictures and point me in the right direction to where it is.
  10. Glove box fuse box

    Hi all Thinking of hard wiring a dash cam to the fuse box behind the glove box. My Fiesta is the new Mk 8 and the manual says lower the glove box by pressing the sides in. Having done this there is no fuse box behind it. Contacted my local Ford agent who looked at there display car and confirmed there was no fuse box in theirs. They also checked the cubby hole on the drivers side, not in there either. Anyone any idea where this supposed glove box fuse box is on the Mk 8. Thanks
  11. I agree with CyprusPluto the adaptive cruise control is really good. Often on motorway driving I come up behind lorrries and cannot pull out for centre lane hoggers so the adaptive cruise control takes over, slows me down and allows me to concentrate a bit more on finding a space to pull out. Pre collision assist also handy. Had active city stop on my last Fiesta (same sort of thing) never activated but gives you a bit more added piece of mind to know that it is available in the off chance you get caught out.
  12. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    30 in 4th, 40 in 5th and 60 in 6th. Doesn't feel laboured in these.
  13. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    I have had mine for three weeks now (ordered April) a Titanium, deep impact blue with about all the extras and a spare wheel. Up to this point I have been very impressed with it. Six speed box is a dream, rear disc brakes have noticeable effect over my rear drum 64 reg. A lot less road noise than previous Mk's. All the various settigs take a bit of getting used to. Only problem I have had, as mentioned in a previous thread, is I did lose the GPS signal to the satnav. Has not done it since (fingers crossed). The eight inch screen does not cause any problems and have now got to like it. Overall well pleased with it.
  14. Same thing happened to my daughter. Did some shoipping came back to the car everything dead. Battery had failed. No indications that it was on the way out just died.
  15. Sync 3 navigation

    No dashcam or any other electrical items connected. Satnav worked perfect on outward journey of 150 miles and 3 hours duration. Haven't checked with the Focus forum which I believe have had sync 3 for a while.